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One Piece Manga 596 Spoiler Pics Cover10
Title: Spectrum

One Piece Manga 596 Spoiler Pics A12

The small sky island of Weatheria

researchers: We can't forgive this thieving cat!! We should strip her of everything and expel her from this nation!!!
Nami: I'm sorry I'm in deep regret
researchers: No, we can't trust you!!
Nami: To show my regret I'll dive into the sea.... please forgive me in the next life.
researchers: Nooooo we made her cry!!! Don't be so hasty lady, we don't mean to persecute you to that extent!!
Don't choose death at such age!! We've said too much, sorry!!

Nami: Oh ok, I'll forgive you!! I'm gonna study about the weather here, okay?
researchers: huh!?
Nami: Oh, and my name is Nami. You can call me Nami-san. Oh, and I need a house to live in!
Nice to meet you, sky grannies! Time to get busy!
researchers: Huh!? How come it's us that needs to be forgiven!? That makes no sense!!
Damn, what just happened!?


Haredas: This Weatheria floats the sky as the wind blows, and sometimes even go down to the Blue Sea to gather both supplies and information to continue our journey.
Nami: information?
Haredas: Well, such as records of the weather from all around the world.
With the Grand Line as its center, there are many phenomenon of unbelievable weather! The world is massive!
Nami: Rains of lightning...? Is this for real?
Haredas: That's an island in the New World. If you plan to travel that sea... you'll have to think outside of the box even more!
Nami: Mr Haredas, tell me about the weather in the New World! Everything you know!
Haredas: You sound desperate
Nami: Of course I am!!

One Piece Manga 596 Spoiler Pics B13

Nami: The entire crew's life depends on me!! I'm the navigator!! I have great responsibility while we're out on the sea!!
I have to be able to take them wherever our captain wants to go!
Luffy wants to be the Pirate King, then I can't just be ANY navigator!!
Haredas: What a lucky captain he is, to have his crew look out for him so much!
Nami: I can't help it...
Haredas: It can't be helped?
Nami: Yeah!! He always talks big, but he knows nothing about the sea!!

Nami (flashback): Luffy... help me...


Luffy (flashback): OF COURSE!!!!

Nami: .... he's always so reckless. If I leave him be, he'll die. He's so stupid, I have to take care of him.
Haredas: Hohoho, sounds like a disastrous captain!
Nami: That's why I have to help him! (It's my turn to!)

Nami: So tell me about the weather ball!
Haredas: It's not so easy!! This is a great invention of the Weatheria!!
In the wrong hands, it could create chaos to the entire world!
Nami: ....... so could you make a weapon out of it?
Haredas: Hey now, don't say such dangerous things!! No!! And wipe that grin off your face!

One Piece Manga 596 Spoiler Pics C12

Grand Line, The Pin-holder (Kenzan) Isle, Teena Geena Kingdom

announcer: Come see for yourself!! Look at his appearance, it's that of a skeleton!!
And he only has one joint on his arm!! Is there a stranger creature than this in the world!?
crowd: Hey, stop with the fake, exhibitioner!!
announcer: huh? Is there a problem?
crowd: He's not moving at all!! That's just a figure!!
announcer: Huh!?
Brook: (Luffy made up his mind...!!)


Brook: (Then I have to do something too!)
exhibitioner: Hey skeleton! Stop screwing around!!
Brook: I can't just sit here....
exhibitioner: (Oh good! You understand!! That's right move!! Otherwise this wouldn't be a show!)
Brook: What is there I can do to be of his use....
exhibitioner: (We just want you to move!! That's all, just move!!)

Brook: (Even when you saw me, you weren't afraid, and you asked me to join)
Luffy (flashback): I don't care about that, just join my crew!
Brook: (flashback): Sure, no problem

Brook: (That was such a joy after sailing the dark sea for 50 years...)
Brook (flashback): My shadow has been stolen by someone
Luffy (flashback): Hey, don't hesitate like a stranger!! I'll get it back for you!!
Brook: (You have no idea how much you looked like a bright shining light to me... my 50 years of waiting for a miracle was finally paid off!)

One Piece Manga 596 Spoiler Pics D12

Brook: 40 degrees!! Oh, too hard!!
exhibitioner: Whaaat!? What the heck is that!?
crowd: It moved!! It's really talking and moving!!
crowd: That's gross!! What is this creature!?

Brook: If I lower any degree from 45, I slip and fall....
crowd: The skeleton is moving!!! Gyaaa!!!
Brook: (But when I finally over come this, perhaps I will be more of use to Luffy....!!
..... no wait, maybe I should look for something else.)

crowd: ...!!! He has a guitar!! What is he doing!?
Brook: For show? Sure, why not, say whatever you want. My dictionary no longer has the word "lonely" in it.
Anyways, aren't you people bored of just watching?
Listen to my new single!! "Bone to be Wild"!!!


East Blue, the massive bridge

Revolutionary: What made you change your mind?
We're glad you did though, Mr Dragon has always wanted to meet you.
Revo shipmates: [We're getting on the ship, and escorting Nico Robin to Vertigo!]
Robin: If I knew there were people like that, I wish they'd come see me earlier.
Revo: I.... am sorry, we didn't have the information that you were with Crocodile...
Robin: Fufufu, it's just a joke. I'm teasing you. I'm sorry, but I'm glad it ended up this way.
Revo shipmates: We're set sailing!

One Piece Manga 596 Spoiler Pics E12

(flashback): Kill that child!! She shouldn't be alive!! She's a survivor of the demons of Ohara!!
(flashback): You monster!!
(flashback): How much do you think is on that kid's head?
Robin (flashback): Why did you come to save me!? I said... I want to die!
Spandam (flashback): Are you insane!? Don't you think you'll survive declaring the entire world as your enemy!!
Luffy (flashback): Bring it on!!!!


Revo: Ms Robin, please come inside. It's cold out here.
Robin: No, I'm fine here. I'm a pirate... and you're revolutionaries...
I can't trust you that easily to walk into a room with nowhere to run...
Revo: Please, we mean you no harm!
Robin: Please leave me be. When I was alone, I lived this way all the time...
Revo: .....!! I'm sorry, I understand.
Bring her tons of blankets!! And warm food and drink as well!!
Revo: But... we have them ready inside....
Revo: Just hurry up!!!

Robin: (Luffy, if I leave myself under your father's wings in the turning tide of the world... I wonder if I can be a little stronger.
I've never felt this way before, wanting to be stronger for someone else...!)

Revo: Also bring a windshield!! And a sofa!!

One Piece Manga 596 Spoiler Pics F12

Grand Line Karakuri isle, Future land of Balgimore

Marine: [Yes, that is correct. It is most likely the biggest loss of this century.]

Marine: What do you know?
Marine: After a gorilla-like intruder infiltrated the lab, the explosion happened shortly after.
Marine: To come to this island, you have to have a fairly large ice breaker ship.
..... and no one has seen one.

Gorilla: The Marine stationed on this island says the intruder was the "Cyborg Franky" of the famous Strawhat Pirates,
but there are many cyborg gorillas on this island, and there's a strong possibility they mistaken it for him.
He was lasxt seen less than a month ago at Shabaody Archpelago, and it's unknown how he could hav gotten to Balgimore.
Marine: Captain Gorilla!! The search party for the mountain is leaving!
Gorilla: I see, I'll go with them, uho.


boy: With that explosion, the entrance has been (too blurry. revealed, perhaps)
old man: I'm surprised... we didn't know about this either...
that there was another lab...
Franky: It looks like this is where the Cyborg Animal laborers were created.
The lab that blew up had outrageous "cultural" inventions....
but What I really wanted to know what these weapon inventions.
This is amazing.... he researched anything from battleships to human cells.
I wonder what's inside his head...!

Franky: Ok, I've decided. I'm gonna live here.
boy & old man: What!? Live here!?
Franky: I'll come down the mountain once in a while to get cola, so stock some up in your house please.
As long as you guys keep your mouth shut about me, me living here shouldn't cuase trouble....
boy: Gyaaaaa don't look this way!!
old man: Your face!! It's frightening!!
Franky: Stop yelling for just seeing my face!!!

One Piece Manga 596 Spoiler Pics G12

Franky: How about this? Tiger fur rug
boy & old man: *sigh of relief* Oh, that's better....
Franky: It's cold, let's put fire in that fireplace
old man: Why don't you wear pants?

Franky (flashback): Would you guys... ride the ship I made?
Luffy (flashback): If you want me to give your underwear back, join us!!
Iceburg (flashback): It's time you should live your own dream...
Franky (flashback): When it reaches the end of the ocean...!! It's called a ship of dreams!!

Franky: (Hey Luffy...!!! The Sunny hasn't shown everything it can do yet! You're the captain that can make Sunny the ship of dreams..!!!
I'll gain the technology to make it withstand even harsher adventures!! So Luffy....)

old man: Hey, the tiger fur is burning!!
Franky: huh?


Franky: Gyaaa!! Hoootttt!!!
Gorilla: !!? What is that, a monster!?
Franky: GYAAAA!!!!
Marines: !!? GYAAAA!!!!!! IT'S A MONSTER!!!
Marines: GYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

Franky: (So Luffy, we'll sail over even the harsh waves of the New World!)

Narrator: And this became the legend of the burning monster, spoken for generatons in Balgimore.

One Piece Manga 596 Spoiler Pics H12

Grand Line Bouin isles

Herculesun: What now, Usoppnn!!?
Usopp: First, I'm gonna get slimmer!! Then get muscles!!
Herculesun: Yeah... well that's better
Usopp: And get stronger!
Herculesun: Yeah... if you don't you can't get out of the islandnn!!
Usopp: And get even stronger!
Herculesun: Yeah that's good too!
Usopp: And get even more stronger!!
Herculesun: Oh.... that much, huhnn?

Herculesun: You suddenly got riled up, what was on that news papernn?


Usopp: Hah... hah... *cough* A message from our captain was on it!!
Herculesun: Message...!?
Luffy (flashback): Hurry up and get on. You're my crew now.
Usopp (flashback): He won!!!
Usopp (flashback): What are you doing Luffy, Get up!!
Luffy (flashback): We win this fight!!!

Usopp: Somewhere in my heart....
Herculesun: !?

One Piece Manga 596 Spoiler Pics I12

Usopp: I felt Luffy is someone... who will become Pirate King on his own, just by me watching him...
Luffy (flashback): After going around half the world more, we'll see this wall again... and when we do, I'll be the Pirate King!!

Usopp: But I was wrong... There are many enemies even he doesn't stand a chance against...!!
Even Luffy can lose...!! He was forcing himself...!! He was screaming.... that's why.... HE NEEDS MY STRENGTH!!!
Usopp: Herculesun... I want to get stronger!!


Usopp: Hey Herculesun-sensei... I've been wondering about your weapon...
Herculesun: Huh? Sen.... teachernn!?
Usopp: Yeah, with your awesome skills living in this dangerous island, I want to learn many from you!
Herculesun: Awesome skills? Am I awesome teacher?
Usopp: Yeah, you're the awesome teacher!
Herculesun: And my name is Herculesun!
Usopp: Yeah, awesome name!

Herculesun: Ok, my apprentice Usoppnn!! This forest has many violent and fast growing plants called Pop Green. These are the seeds for them.
Usopp: Pop Green!?
Herculesun: Each one of these have its usefulness, and...
Usopp: yeah....

Usopp: (Wait for me, Luffy... So you can be the Pirate King... I will become the true Sniper King!!)

--> Hier <-- könnt ihr über dieses Kapitel diskutieren.


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