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One Piece Manga 597 Spoiler Pics 010

One Piece Manga 597 Spoiler Pics 0112
Title: 3D2Y

One Piece Manga 597 Spoiler Pics 0310
Grandline Kuraigana (So-Dark) island, Ruin of Shikkearu (Moisty) Kingdom

Zoro: Please..... Teach me the sword!!
Mihawk: You dissapoint me Roronoa... You wish to learn the sword from me...? Shame on you.

Mihawk: Get out. I have no use for a pathetic man
Zoro: ......................
Mihawk: It seems I overestimated you
.... what are you doing, you're doing nothing but disgracing yourself
Zoro: I want to get stronger!!
Mihawk: I have nothing to teach one who couldn't even defeat the baboons to reach the sea, and instead come sulking back to me...
Zoro: I've already defeated the baboons...!!!
Mihawk: !? (He defeated them!!?)
Zoro: Only your head remains...

One Piece Manga 597 Spoiler Pics 0512
Zoro: But I'm not so foolish to believe I could win against you yet....
Mihawk: I don't understand.... if you still see me as your enemy, why do you bow your head and ask for my tutelage? For what!?
Zoro: To overcome you!!!

Mihawk: heh.... wahahahahahaha! You ask me to train the swordsman who will come after my own head!?
You're a funny man, hahaha!!
Haha... this is rediculous. You know it doesn't make your action any less disgraceful
It seems you've found something more important than your ambition.
Zoro: !!

Mihawk: Hey, ghostgirl!! Go tend to his wounds
Perona: Don't!! don't order me around!!
Mihawk: we'll start the training once you're healed.
Zoro: !!
Mihawk: (what a clumsy man you are... when a man like you is willing to let go of his pride, it's always for someone else)

Perona: 3D2Y? You're right, there's a tatoo that says that on Strawhat's right arm!
Zoro: We promised to gather at certain place in 3 days... but look where we are now
Perona: 3D stands for 3 days!? But 3D is crossed out, and there's 2Y....
Zoro: 2 years....
Perona: Two YEARS!
Zoro: Our meeting isn't 3 days later, but 2 years later...!!
The other actions he did are all camoflage to fake out the world's attention...
This is a message only meant for us... and it's a decision Luffy made.
Even if we impatiently rush for it, we're not ready to run through the New World!!
We have to stop now, and gain strength... and we'll meet up again!!

One Piece Manga 597 Spoiler Pics 0710
At Sabaody Island... in 2 years!!!

One Piece Manga 597 Spoiler Pics 0911
Few days ago, on the Calm Belt

Luffy: Jinbei... thanks for everything!!
Jinbei: It's ok, I'm the one that should give you gratitude!!
In Impel Down, I asked you for a place to die... but I ungracefully survived it.
I'm sure I could be of your help again in the future.
Anyways.... I'll see you again in two years at Fishman Island!!
I'll be looking forward to the day when you and your crew come to see us!!
Luffy: Yeah!!

Calm Belt, north of Amazon Lily, the uninhabited island of Rusukaina (No one home?)
Rayleigh: This island is perfect. It's a "48 seasons" island, a rough island where the season changes every week....
Hancock: Luffy!! I'll bring food for you every day from Amazon Lily!
Luffy: What, really Hancock!? Oh, then please bring me that Gorgon-something your island is known for! That thing tasted great!
Hancock: Of... of course!! I'll bring anything you want!! And that's the tenth time you've called my name...! Is this... m...marriage!?
Nyon: No!! And why are you walking further away....?

Rayleigh: Hancock!! Don't spoil him like that... While Luffy is in training, no woman is allowed to step foot on this island
Hancock: Why do you think you have the right to decide that, Rayleigh!?
Rayleigh: There are plenty of food in the mountain, forest, rivers, and the sea!!
He can't possibly do well as a pirate without those survival skills!! It's all for Luffy's sake!
Hancock: oh, ok.. if it's for Luffy, I'll bear it.
.... but Rayleigh, this island is really dangerous!! What if something happens to Luffy!?
Rayleigh: If it wasn't, this wouldn't be training. If you're so worried, pray for him.

One Piece Manga 597 Spoiler Pics 1011
Rayleigh: Now we are the only two on this island.... look at this magnificient nature!!
Long ago, they say there used to be a nation here... but the humans lost the survival race.
This is a harsh enviroment where the nature rules!!
Luffy: This smells of grand adventure!!
Rayleigh: The amount of vicious beast is astounding....!! It's countless
There are at least 500 creatures here that you're no match for yet... If you don't get stronger, you won't even be able to sleep!
Luffy: Why do you know what's living here and what's not? And their numbers?
Rayleigh: Don't you think it's unrelated to you... you must learn this power... the power known as "Haki"!!

One Piece Manga 597 Spoiler Pics 1115
Luffy: Here it comes!! Something's coming this way, Rayleigh!!
Rayleigh: Listen Luffy... Haki is a power found in every human being in this world....
"presence", "will", "intimidation".... it's no different from those common human senses.
.... however, majority of humans don't notice the power in them...
Luffy: Is that an elephant? It's a huge elephant!!
Rayleigh: .... or they try to awaken it, but fails to do so in their life time....
to "not doubt", that is your strength!!
Watch well.... Haki is roughly categorized in two types.
Luffy: Watch out!!!
Rayleigh: It's alright... the elephant is coming for my head from the right, using his nose....
Luffy: what....?

Rayleigh: To feel the opponent's "presence" strongly. This is known as the "Color of Observation (Kenbun-shoku)" haki...
By training this, you can know the position of the target whose even out of your sight...
the number of enemies.. and even what their next immediate move is.
Luffy: oh...!!
Enel (flashback): Kick with the left leg.... "Mantra"
Rayleigh: In the sky island of Skypiea, they call this Mantra.

Rayleigh: Next is the "Color of Armor (Busou-shoku)" Haki. For this, imagine yourself wearing an invisible armor...
Luffy: Whoa!

One Piece Manga 597 Spoiler Pics 1313
Luffy: I.. know that move!!
Sentoumaru (flashback): Ashigara Dokkoi!!

Rayleigh: If your armor is strong, of course you can use it for attack. *boink*
Luffy: OUCH!! I'm rubber, and your hit hurts..!?
Rayleigh: This is what's so useful about this power

Rayleigh: Other than attacking their weakness, this Armored Haki is the only efficient power against Devil Fruit users.
Even though the Logia types intangible bodies may feel invincible, with this power you can directly contact their real body...
Luffy: So this is how you managed to touch Kizaru.... so I could even hit that marine Smoky and Aokiji?
Rayleigh: Have you seen the amazons' arrows? This power can be imbued into weapons.
Luffy: Yeah, I thought those were made out of steel!
Rayleigh: Color of Observation, and Color of Armor.. these two types are Haki.
....however, there are few rare individuals in this world that can use this following type of haki....

One Piece Manga 597 Spoiler Pics 1612
Rayleigh: This is the Color of Conqueror King (Haoh-shoku) Haki... the type of haki that can intimidate the opponent...!!
Those who become extremely famous in this world is often found to use this haki....
However... this Haoushoku can be controlled, but not trained.
This power is the will of the user himself...!! Its strength only grows as the user himself grows..
Luffy: It's the one you did at the auction house...
Rayleigh: You've already experienced it, your potential for Haoushoku has already been awakened
Until you can control it perfectly, you should not use it very often...
Else, you'll affect even the unrelated bystanders...!

One Piece Manga 597 Spoiler Pics 1712
Rayleigh: ...what is it?
Luffy: Amazing...!! The crew of the pirate king can defeat such monsters without even laying hands on it...!?
Rayleigh: Wahaha, did you learn some respect for me now?
Luffy: yeah

Luffy: ... but this Haki, I've seen it used many times
Rayleigh: I'm sure you have... but to learn it is not an easy task...
Although it's too short a time normally... you have great potential.
I'll do my best to teach you the basics of Color of Observation, Armor, and King in two years.
Luffy: Ok
Rayleigh: ...however, most poeple lean towards a certain color depending on their forte.
You must discover it, and train the color you are best at.
If you can strengthen all the types, the more you can do with them
Luffy: Ok, gotcha!

Rayleigh: Now that I'm going to train you... I won't go easy on you, Luffy!!
Luffy: Yeah!! Bring it on!! ... oh wait a sec.
.... Pirate "Strawhat Luffy" is on a leave for a while.
This place is safe, right?
(Luffy puts down the strawhat)
Rayleigh: yes.
Luffy: Oh, and this too
Rayleigh: Hurry up, I'm going to start now!!
Luffy: Ok, Thanks old man!!
Rayleigh: ... no, say it like this. "Thank you Mr Rayleigh"... no, wait, Rayleigh-sensei... or Master Rayleigh...?
Luffy: Ok! Thank you Rayleigh!!
Rayleigh: ..............alright, whatever...

Editor's note: One Piece will be on leave for four weeks. The next chapter will be in WJ issue 44.
das heißt One Piece macht nach diesem Kapitel eine Pause von 4 Wochen.

--> Hier <-- könnt ihr über dieses Kapitel diskutieren.


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