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One Piece Manga 598 Spoiler Pics 0110

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One Piece Manga 598 Spoiler Pics One110
???: Luffy!
Luffy: Yeah, I'm coming.

Narration: Two years have pased since the War between Marine HQ and Whitebeard pirates took place.
This is the Rusukaina island, north west of the Amazon Lily

Luffy: Time went so fast.... 2 years already, huh?

One Piece Manga 598 Spoiler Pics One210
Marguerite: The Ship's ready! We can set sail any time!
Luffy: Yeah, thanks!

Luffy: Hey! Look carefully... these are my friends!
Lion: !!!

Hancock: Haha... impressive.
Sonia: He's become the boss of this island
Luffy: Because I became friends with them, I didn't get the chance to eat them! They look delicious...

Hancock: It's alright Luffy! I've got all your favorites loaded on the ship!
Don't you think someone so thoughtful would be perfect as your wife...?
Luffy: I'm not going to marry you! But thanks for the food!
Hancock: Oh, you're so awesome even when you're so cruel..!

Sonia: Rayleigh left half an year ago, so I'm sure he's waiting for you at Sabaody.
Luffy: Yeah, I finished all the basics in one year...
(at the animals) Looks like I'll be parting both you guys and this island now...

Luffy: Alright, let's go!

One Piece Manga 598 Spoiler Pics 010
Grand Line Sabaody Archipelago

pirate: All those pirates that survived through the travel of the first half of GrandLine have gathered here again....
It was exciting 2 years ago when guys like Kid and Drake all gathered here!
Now that generation is causing ruckus in the New World.....
I wouldn't say it's as impressive this time, but we do have a few bounty heads over 100million berry again...

pirate: But it's qutie surprising... after two years of hiatus, and everyone thought them dead.. the Straw Hat pirates suddenly showed up on this island!
And they're looking for crewmates...!! They want to expand their crew and wreck havoc at the New World!
I get shivers just thinking about it, maybe I'll ask them to let me in!

One Piece Manga 598 Spoiler Pics 00112
civilian: Can't you do something about it!?
civilian: The ticket is sold out, what, did you expect it not to!?
It's great star "Soul King" Brook is having the final Live of his World Tour here on this island!! The concert is already packed!!

Brook: Hey Manager, I'm making this the BEST LIVE EVER!!
Longarm Managers: Oh, please do!! The TD (tone dial?) sales is at the peak, selling over millions!
You're now the king of the Soul Music industry! Listen to these cheers!!

Brook: Tell you what... before the live, I have something important to tell you!!
manager: what's that?


33rd Grove, Sabaody Park Concert Hall "Shabondy Dome"

crowd: Brook! Brook!!


Brook: Hey!
crowd: It's the Soul King!!!
Brook: Cuz I'm a bone!!!
crowd: Kyaaa!! Brook-sama!!
guard: Bring the stretcher!! We got people falling unconcious everywhere!!
Brook: Let's make this!! The best!! Anniversary!!!

One Piece Manga 598 Spoiler Pics 00212
Sabaody 44th GR


Sanji: Women!!!!!
This island has.... real ladies I've dreamed about day in and day out!!
Viva Sabaody!!! I NEED LADY~~~~!!!!!

okama: We part here Sanji-kyun! We're gonna miss you! Hopefully we'll meet once again somewhere!
Sanji: The hell I will!! But thanks for bringing me here, and give my gratitude to Iva. See ya!!

(-kyun is a otaku slang of -kun, used when addressing a cute boy)


okama: He's as wild as always! Hey did you know? Boys always act mean to ones they love!
I can't... I can't forget about him!!
Sanji: Just wait for me, Namiswaaaaaan!! Robin chaaaaaan!! Your man Sanji have returned from Hell!!

Meanwhile, at a bar...

Bartender: did you hear? They moved the Marine HQ.
Nami: Isn't it at Marineford, near this place?
Bartender: They exchanged the location with G1, which was on the other side of Red Line.
The new Fleet Admiral after Sengoku has shown his determination by locating the HQ right in the sea where the Yonkou are!
But because of that, the threat from the HQ being near has lessened in the 2 years... and this island has gained many lawless areas....
Nami: Oh so that's why.... It seemed to me this place has gotten rough compared to two years ago...

???: Eh!? Did I hear you right!? Bounty of 55 million berries....!?

One Piece Manga 598 Spoiler Pics 00312

pirate: gyaaa!!!
Fake Luffy: Go read the poster again... I said MINIMUM of 70 million berry.
I'm not going to make talks with pirate captains with any less than that.... how did you even get to this place with a bounty like that?
Get lost, you piece of trash!! I'm the son of the revolutionary Dragon!!
Fake Nami: heheh
pirate: ....damn!!!
Fake Sogeking: We have no use for useless ones like you... we're chosen pirates!!
We're on a whole another level than you, don't think anyone can just join us!!

[Pirate StrawHat Pirates Captain Monkey D Luffy & his crew (Sogeking, Franky, Nami)]

pirate: Damn, that Strawhat Luffy is ruthless...
pirate: yeah, but it's to be expected... they have achivements...

Fake Luffy: Hey Franky, how many do we have?
Fake Franky: Looks around 100 men... three pirate groups have joined us completely, with 10 bounty heads.


Fake Luffy: And of those, two of them are famous rookies!!
The "Wet haired" Cariboo and "Bloody" Koriboo
270 million (? blurry) and 190 million bounty head pirate captain brothers.
Dohahaha, those guys are quite useful!
We'll need to collect more underlings... hey bartender, more booze!!
Oh, and you over there... woman. Stop drinking in solitude, come over here!
Hehehe... that's a fine one.

Nami: No thanks. I'm waiting for a man.
pirate: She refused...!!
Bartender: (Hey, you should listen to him!! That man over there is Strawhat Luffy!!
He's a nutcase that charged in at the war 2 years ago!! You've heard of him, right!?)
Fake Sogeking: Hahahaha, waiting for a man!? I bet he's a weakling that would cry and beg for mercy if he hears Captain Luffy's name!!
Hurry up and come over here already!

One Piece Manga 598 Spoiler Pics 00412
Nami: I'm going to say this just once more.
I said, you're no good for me, and I'm not going to drink with someone like you.
Got it? Strawhat.... who again?

Fake Luffy: I said Strawhat Luffy!!
pirates: oh crap...!!!
Fake Nami: Alright then, I'll narrow it down to two choices for you.
Are you going to answer Captain Luffy's offer? Or do you want to die?
Oh, and I'm a bounty head as well. I'm known as "Cat Burglar" Nami. Don't piss me off!!

Usopp: Hissatu Green Star......!!


Usopp: "Devil"!!
Fake Nami: Gyaaa!! What's this!?
Fake Luffy: What the hell is this!? Plants!?
Fake Nami: Help me, Captain!!
Fake Luffy: Stay away from me!!

Usopp: So will you drink with me, babe?
Nami: Oh~~!! Usopp, it's been a long time!! What's with you!! You're gotten a bit buff!!
Usopp: Ow!! And you've gotten even more... endowed....!

Fake Franky: What the? That puny looking man is the man she was waiting for!?

One Piece Manga 598 Spoiler Pics 00512
Nami: You did that!?
Usopp: Yeah, that's my new weapon Pop Green!! I didn't spend the last 2 years staring off into the sea you know!
I'm sorry, but I'm graduating the "Weak Trio" with you and Chopper!!
I've become a warrior who's never surprised of anything!!

Fake Sogeking: Hey brat, you didn't cause this did you!?
Usopop: Whaaaat!? Sogeking!? How !?
Nami: Usopp, ignore him...

Nami: Let's change the bar! I have something to ask you too!
Fake Luffy: What bastards!! Who the hell do you think I am!!
Usopp: What!? Luffy!?
Bartender: Excuse me ma'am, you haven't paid yet!!


Fake Luffy: Bring them back, or I'll lose face!!
Fake Nami: What's with these black soap bubbles?
Bartender: Ma'am, the bill!!
Fake Luffy: What's this.... clouds??


Fake Luffy & co: GYAAAAAA!!!!
Nami: ... And so, I got these new technology, and...
Usopp: Are you serious? You were on a sky island?

Fake Luffy: ...... find those two, and shoot them to death!!

One Piece Manga 598 Spoiler Pics 00612
Sanji: What!? The first one here is that stupid swordsman!?
.... Damn, our restart is gonna have some storms coming.

Shakky: And Franky-chan was the second. He came around 10 days ago, and went to the ship right away
Sanji: Oh good, so Sunny is ok?
Rayleigh: Of course, not a scratch on it, and coating is finished. "He" did a great job as well.

Duval: I don't regret this injury of honor!!
Flying Fish Riders: Yeah!! One Year for full recovery!!

Sanji: I didn't realize you're so honorable. I thank you, Duval.
Duval: What's that? Handsome!? Ahahahaha, I'm just returning you the favor, young master!
Rainy day, windy day... strong pirates came after that ship constantly, and I fought them off day after day, and getting injured in the process, and....
Shakky: And Nami-chan came third,
Sanji: NNNNAMISAAAAAN!! Where!? Where is she!?
Shakky: She was bored, so she went out to shopping
Duval: He's no longer interested in my heroic tales!?


Shakky: 4th one was Usopp-chan, he came three days ago and went out to the town....
Fifth one was Chopper-chan, who came yesterday, and then you.
Sanji: (Nami-san is shopping Nami-san is shopping....)
Shakky: Brook-chan came today for his live performance, so there's 7 crew including yourself on this island now.
Sanji: Live?

Rayleigh: That leaves just Nico Robin and Luffy.
It's normally a very hard task to just arrivef at this island. You got one hell of a crew there, I'm glad all of you seem to arrive here fine!
Sanji: Yeah, but I'm surprised that you were training Luffy... he must be amazingly strong now
Rayleigh: I haven't seen him in half an year either. I'm looking forward to his further growth!
Sanji: Oh god what kind of growth has Nami-san gone through in two years!! (nosebleed)
Rayleigh: Hey... you alright?

One Piece Manga 598 Spoiler Pics 00712
???: This is Sabaody Archpelago... I've found Nico Robin
???: Don't kill her. Make sure to bring her back
Robin: I hope I lost them....
(Brook's Live? Strawhat Pirates crew recruit?)
Just what is going on here.... "Soul King"??


Chopper: hey, Zoro! Sanji! Robin! What's up, it's been a long time!
In the two years, you two have gotten so close Zoro and Sanji!
But how come you won't even talk to me? Hm? You embarassed? Ahahahahaha

Fake Zoro: (He's following us... what's with this speaking racoon!?)
Fake Sanji: (I've been telling you, look at this!)

Wanted Poster

Chopper: Hm?

One Piece Manga 598 Spoiler Pics 00811
Fake Sanji: (It's the real "Cotton Candy loving Chopper" 50 berry (pet)!! He must have been abandoned by his crew before they died, and been living as a stray all this time...)
Fake Zoro: (So it's following us thinking his masters have returned, right? Then we should abandon our fox, and keep the real one! Having the same pet will give us more beliavability!)
Chopper: You guys changed somewhat! Well that's fine with me!

[Strawhat Pirates Zoro, Sanji, Robin, and Chopper]

Fake Robin: We're gonna keep it?? What does it eat?
Fake Sanji: Cotton Candy, of course!
Fake Robin: We don't have any!
Shoo! Shoo!! Go away! (at the fox)
Chopper: !?
Fake Robin: Come here, Chopper! I got a cucumber for you!
Chopper: look frightnening, Robin!


???: Now is the time!
Fake Robin: What?
Chopper: Oh, Robin!!
Fake Sanji: What!? Hey, Nico Robin!?
Chopper: Oh my god~~~! Robin's been abducted!! It must be the Kidnappers!!

???: This is Sabaody Archpelago! We have captured Nico Robin!!
Although a fox that's biting her and won't let her go is with her as well!

[12th GR]

Robin: ......... I better hurry up, I wonder if everyone's there already....

One Piece Manga 598 Spoiler Pics 00910

[Marineford - former Marine HQ
Marine division base G1]

Marine officer: The Strawhat Pirates are at Sabaody Archpelago!?
Marine: Yes sir... apparently they are recruiting crewmates...
Marine officer: Contact the HQ! If he really is alive, this is a grieve situation!! Gather the forces immediately!
Marine: Yes sir!

[Sabaody Archpelago]
pirates: he's shot!!

Long nosed pirate: Why did you suddenly fire!? What did we do to you!?
Fake Luffy: I said I'm sorry, just a mistake. I'm looking for a pair like you... a man and a woman with a long hair and long nose.
....Huh? You're not gonna tell me you have a problem with me, do you?
Pirate: ...... !!
Fake Luffy: Looks like you do. [BLAM!!]
pirates: .....!! That Strawhat Luffy is terrible!!


pirates: (Hey, hang in there! We'll carry you to the hospital right away)
Fake Luffy: Look for them!! Find those two and make an example out of them!!

Luffy bumps into Fake Luffy, and Faker falls

Luffy: Oh, did I bump into you? Sorry! Cya!
pirates: What the hell, doesn't he know who Strawhat Luffy is? He's dead!

Fake Luffy: Hold it there!!!
Luffy: ..... hm?

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