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One Piece Manga 600 Spoiler Pics 13546310
Chapter 600: Island of fresh start

One Piece Manga 600 Spoiler Pics 88192610
Zoro: I want to go to a beach. I want to fish...
Sanji: HELL NO, ****-head!!
Zoro: Why! How come I have to listen to YOU!
Sanji: You think I WANT to walk with you? If you wander around on this island, it's very cumbersome to find you, lost Marimo!!
Everyone's gonna gather up soon, so just shut up and follow me to the ship!!
Zoro: ..... damn "seventh" talking down the "first".
Sanji: Why the hell are you ranking in the order we got here!? Don't get cocky just because you "miraculously" got there first!!
Zoro: Yeah, sorry. "Seventh".
Sanji: Alright, fine! I'll pummel you with this leg I trained in HELL!
Zoro: Yeah right, just try! I'll slice in you half!!

One Piece Manga 600 Spoiler Pics 10624211
Fake Luffy: You are all now my underlings!! Crew member of the Strawhat gang!!
You will be my hands and my feet!! Fight with your lives!!
Pirates: UOOOO!!!! We can do that, big boss!! We won't forgive that fool!!
Fake Zoro: There's quite a few already...
Luffy: Over there, huh? I can't wait to see everyone!
But in this two years, you guys changed a lot. You've gotten so quiet!
Fake Sanji: (It seems like this moustache dude knows the real Strawhats... who is he?)
Fake Zoro: (I don't know, but keep your trap shut, or he'll be on to us!)
Luffy: Were you two so friendly with each other? It's been two years afterall... and your face look so different too! Are you guys disguising too?
Fake Zoro: We're almost there. It'll be all over once we hand him over to captain.
Fake Sanji: Captain!
Fake Luffy: I said call me big boss!
Fake Sanji: We didn't find the real pet, but isn't this the man you were looking for?
Luffy: Oh....

One Piece Manga 600 Spoiler Pics 310
Marine: Rumbar pirates acting captain, Humming Brook!!
You're under suspect for being the same person as this 33 million bounty pirate!!
We also have information that you are currently a crew of the pirate Strawhat Luffy!!
Soul King Brook.... no, Brook the pirate! You're under arrest!!
fan: .... it can't be...! Brook-sama!?
fan: The Soul King is a criminal!?
Manager: It's all over, Brook
Brook: I knew it was you, manager...
Manager: When you told us about your retiring plan in the dressing room... it came to us as a shock.
Just when your popularity was booming, and our business was just starting...!!!
You betrayed us!! Our company is finished!!

One Piece Manga 600 Spoiler Pics 210
Marine: Reporting from 46GR!! Countless pirates joining the Strawhat crew are gathering up here!
The captains I can identify are....
bounty 92 million "Deep wound" Albion
bounty 88 million Lip "Service" Doughty
Super Rookie (supernova) "Wethaired" Cariboo and "Bloodied" Coriboo brothers!!

One Piece Manga 600 Spoiler Pics 0115
Marine: Put the instrument down, and show both your hands!
(top portion of the pic cut off, unreadable)
Brook: It's ok... my music has gained "power"!
Manager: Have you gone nuts!? You're over, Brook!!
Brook: Hey Manager... thank you for looking after me these years. And thank you for bringing me to this island.
This place is a bitter memory for us, the place of our defeat. An island of regret.
But it's also the island for our fresh start!! In the crew, my job is to liven up the adventure as a musician...!
Brook: "Strawhat Luffy is dead" theory...? ...rediculous. Tell the world this!
priate "Strawhat" Luffy is alive!!


Reporter: HQ! Please respond!!
Brook: He will one day become the king of all the seas!!
Silence does not suit our sail off1! OH BABY!!
Reporter: It's a scoop! A HUGE news!!
Brook: (I send this off to my beloved crew...)
This is my last Soul! Listen, YEAH!
(Luffy-san, let's go to the New World!)
Marine: Idiot, I said the live is cancel....
fan: Please let us listen just one more song! Let him sing!!
fan: Yeah!! I don't care what the Soul King is!!
Brook: See...? The music is on our side...
1, 2, 3, 4, "NEW WORLD!"

One Piece Manga 600 Spoiler Pics 111
Chopper: Usopp!
Usopp: Man, you've grown large! I bet you ride much better too!! How you've been doing?
Nami: It's true! He's much fluffier than before! *hug* It's been a while, Chopper!
Chopper: Huh!? Nami? (thinks of the fake Nami)
Oh yeah!! I'm glad to see you guys again, but this isn't the time for celebration!

One Piece Manga 600 Spoiler Pics A11
17GR Where Sunny is docked
Usopp: ISN'T IT!? His body is amazing!!
Chopper: You're a robot!! Do you shoot beams!? Do you shoot missles!? What do you combine with!?
Usopp: Calm down Chopper, you'll die of excitement!!
Franky: Yeah!! Carrying the dreams of men, he finally mobilizes!! His name is!! Armored Me!
Usopp: But Franky, with a big hand like that, you can't do precise carpentry can you?
Franky: What are you talking about?
Usopp: Hands came out!!!???
Nami: Robin!
Robin: Nami! You've been doing ok, it seems!


Nami: What kind of hilarity is that about? his body....
Robin: Ufufu, I don't know. I don't understand it.
Nami: Wow, so this is a coated ship....
Franky: Push my nose. The nose.
Usopp: Your nose?
Franky: Hold it down for more than 3 sec....
Chopper: He rephrased it! And said it like a robot!!
Usopp: Whoa!! Hair came out!!
Chopper: You can change the hair all you want!?
Franky: Yep, any way I want.
Nami: ..... what has he been doing for the past two years?
Franky: Oh hey Nami, what's up.
Nami: Yeah, yeah....
Chopper: Weapons! Show us weapons!
Franky: Don't be silly. That's a main event I'll keep under the curtains until Luffy gets here mecha.
Chopper: Whoa!! You said mecha at the end of your sentence!!
Rayleigh: How are you doing, fellows.
Nami: Rayleigh! Shakky!
Rayleigh: The situation on the island has become a bit unsettling.

One Piece Manga 600 Spoiler Pics B11
Nami: The marines ...?
Shakky: Yes, they think the fake Monkey-chan gang are the real ones, and moving in on them.
I'm sure of this information, I wiretapped the Marines' communication.
I've already told Brook-chan the situation through den-den mushi. He should be headed this way.
Franky: I see... he's going to throw away his celebrity status and come with us. He's got guts!
Rayleigh: Nami, you're the navigator yes? I'll teach you how to operate a coated ship. Learn well.
Nami: oh... yes! I'll do my best!
Usopp: Oh, things are getting intense suddenly... but Rayleigh, Luffy isn't here yet...
Rayleigh: It's alright, Luffy is already on this island.


Usopp, Nami, Chopper, Franky: !!
Robin: Can't wait.. (to see him)
Rayleigh: I've handed the baby den-den mushi to Sanji, who came here already. He's with Zoro.
Shakky: I see.. that's good. We have to hurry, the marines are nearby already.
The only one we can't get hold of is Monkey-chan. But I'll hand you this vivre card. That's what he's going by, right?
Rayleigh: 42GR facing the ocean is good... send the ship there, and gather everyone.
It's a little hectic, but you have all each gotten through this two years... and now is the time for your fresh start again!!

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