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One Piece Manga 601 Spoiler Pics 114E6D354CBF03F67F6DA8
Chapter 601: ROMANCE DAWN - for the new world
Dawn of adventure into the new world

One Piece Manga 601 Spoiler Pics 0412
33GR Shabaody Dome
Reporter: It's a panic over here!! The marines have stepped in to arrest Soul King Brook, but are under attack of the fans!!
It seems the suspect has fled somewhere already!!
Brook: That was a good timing!!
FFR: Your crew is waiting at 42GR
Brook: It's been a long time, my heart is pounding with excitement..... although I don't have one!!
Managers: Damn you, traitor!!!
Reporter: That's right!! Musician Brook was a pirate!!


Sanji: Roger that, 42GR it is?
Franky: Yeah, we'll see you later!!
Zoro: What's up?
Sanji: Weren't you listening? Let's see... "Marines come", "We run", "To Ship" gotcha?
Zoro: Why are you talking to me like a baby!!! Explain in sentences!!!
Sanji: Well I figured this would be adequate for an idiot with muscles for brains..
Zoro: Alright, I'll cut you later. ..... anyways, what's with the ruckus over there?
Sanji: Hmm, you're right... "over there", "noisy"

46GR Fake Strawhat gathering place
Fake Luffy: One of the perpetraor has been found already!! First, I'll let this man know his place!!!
And keep in mind men, what I'm about to do this man is a warning to all of you on what happens to you if you disobey me!!
Pirates: Kill him!!
Luffy: Zoro! Sanji!! Do you know that guy? You see, earlier....

One Piece Manga 601 Spoiler Pics 0217
Marine: Hold it right there pirates!!! Strawhat Luffy and his followers!! surrender quietly!!!
This 46GR has been completely surrounded, there's no place for you to escape!!
Fake Luffy: Marines!!!
Luffy: What...!? Why do the marines know I'm here!?
Fake Sanji: Eh!? What are you talking about!!
Fake Zoro: Captain!! We're completely surrounded!!
Fake Luffy: (Don't panic!!! Why do you think I gathered all these men!! We have some 100 million + followers with us!)


Fake Luffy: Hey Cariboo, Coriboo!! Use that marine as a shield and open an escape route for us!!
Marine: What!: A marine!?
Marine: It seems one of our scouts was taken out and captured by them...!!
Marine: Damn, that's no good...!!
Cariboo: Sorry big boss, I can't do that. This brat lied to me, and said he didn't call for reinforcement.
Fake Luffy: No, don't!!!

One Piece Manga 601 Spoiler Pics 0313
Marine: ..........!!! It seems they have no intention of surrendering!!
Cariboo: That unwritten rule of yours that you can lie to a criminal.... you guys need to get rid of that rule... KEHEHEHEHE!!
Albion: Uh-oh.
Fake Luffy: Cariboo!! That maniac!! He ignored my captain's orders!!
Marine: Slay the pirates!!!
Cariboo: Kehihihi!! I smell blood!! The stench of the hypocrites' blood...!
Pirates: Foolish marines!! Our boss is the 400 million berry man, Strawhat Luffy!!! Engage them!!


Luffy: !? Why are they calling me boss for no reason?
Fake Sanji: What are you keep babbling about
Fake Luffy: Hey idiots!! Don't start fighting without my orders!!!
Fake Luffy: !?
Pirates: GYaaa!! It's a Pacifista!!!
Pirate: What!? What's the Marine's human weapon doing here!?
Pacifista: Pirate Strawhat Luffy... identified
Fake Luffy: Pacifista!? Are they real...!? He just targeted me!!

One Piece Manga 601 Spoiler Pics 0220
Pirates: AAAAaaaaaahhh!!!
Pacifista: Bounty 88 million Lip "Service" Doughty
Pirates: Captain Doughty!!
Pirates: This can't be, captain!!! A man of 80 million bounty... doesn't stand a chance!?


Pirates: It's no good!! Big boss, please save us!! We're gonna be wiped out by that human weapons!! Where is big boss Luffy!?
Fake Luffy: Hurry, we're out of here. How are we to take on someone that can easily take out Doughty!?

Sentoumaru: ........
Fake Luffy: Whoa!?
Pirates: Wooooww!! The big boss Strawhat is gonna fight for us!! Take them out, show us the 400 million power!!
Sentoumaru: ....? Why are you being called Strawhat....?
Fake Luffy: Hey you!!! Don't you know who I am!? If you don't want to be killed and your bowels yanked out...
Open the way and let us through!! I am the son of Dragon!! And Grandson of Garp!! With the bounty of 400 millio....

One Piece Manga 601 Spoiler Pics 0218
Sentoumaru: The "Strawhat" isn't a piece of crap like you!!!
Fake Luffy: Hbbboooo!!!!
Pirates: Whaaaat!!? S.... Strawhat big boss....!!?
Sentoumaru: I see, they've all been deceived into joining the Fake Strawhat crew.... PX-5, who is this?


PX-5: Bounty 26 million.... Pirate "Three-tongued" DeMaro Black
Pirates: !!? Fake!!?
Fake Sanji: (They've found out!! Let's get out of here, they'll kill us!!)
Pirate: What!!? Those bastards!! They used the name of Strawhat Luffy... and deceived us!? Because the real one is dead!!
Albion: Damn them!! We were about to be used by some trash with bounty of 20 million or so!?
Luffy: What!? They were impostoring us?? Sanji too!? Well, he's a little different, but looks like him....
Sentoumaru: THe one who deceived you is an idiot, but you being deceived by it ended your luck... I'm going to arrest all of you!!
And.... coincidently the real Strawhat is here right now as well!! As soon as we entered this island, PX-5 identified him!! Target him, PX-5!!

One Piece Manga 601 Spoiler Pics 0219
Pirate: What!?
Luffy: Damn, that was close.... What do you think you're doing!! I got important lunch in this bag!!


Pirates: It's the same face as the wanted poster!!!
Fake Sanji: Gyaaaaa he was the real Strawhat Luffy!!!
Marine: Get ready, we came here for the real one anyways!!
Marine: Yes sir!!
Luffy: You're gonna get in my way again!? I was told not to cause ruckus or it'll be hard to set sail!!
Sentoumaru: Don't worry, you don't have to set sail... unlike 2 years ago, I'm officially a marine soldier!! I'll arrest you right here and now!! Do it, PX-5!!

Luffy: You're too slow.... Gear 2... Gomu Gomu....

One Piece Manga 601 Spoiler Pics 4810
Luffy: JET Pistol!!!
Sentoumaru: He was wearing haki...!!
Pirate: One hit...!!?


Luffy: Shishishi!! See you later! I got the feeling I'll see you again!
Sentoumaru: Wait, Strawhat!!
Zoro: Hey, Luffy!!
Sanji: Luffy!! I knew it!! Why are you always in the smack middle of trouble!?
Luffy: Heyyy!!! Zoro!! Sanji!! This time you're real!! It's been a long time, guys!!
Sanji: Hm?
Zoro: !!

One Piece Manga 601 Spoiler Pics 4910
Zoro & Sanji: Out of my way!!!
Zoro: It was me that cut him
Sanji: No, I broke his neck!!


Pirates: It's the Strawhat pirates!!! The real one!! They are nothing like the fakes!!
Zoro: Hey Luffy, you're ninth
Sanji: Shut up!! How proud are you of that!? Luffy hurry, everyone's waiting at the ship
Luffy: Yeah!! Man, I'm so happy, it's been two years!!
Marine: "Pirate Hunter" Zoro...!! "Black Leg" Sanji.... The whole gang is here on this island after all!! They're alive!!
Sanji: Hm!?
Zoro: Hey, what's up!?
Luffy: .......

One Piece Manga 601 Spoiler Pics 5010
Luffy: Rayleigh!!
Pirates: ..... The.... the Dark King!?
Rayleigh: Hahaha... I came to check up on you, but... it seems you're alright. Your strength is even more refined...!!
Luffy: Yeah!
Rayleigh: Then go, hurry to your crew....
Luffy: Ok, Rayleigh!! Thank you so much for these two years!!
Rayleigh: Haha, we don't need such formalities between us... hurry, go.
Luffy: Rayleigh, I'm gonna do it!
Rayleigh: ?


Luffy: I'm going to be the Pirate King!!


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