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Zitat :
Source: 2ch
Credits: Mr. T
Confirmation: Bestätigt!

858 :T ◆PecpvbY4/. [] :2011/02/23(水) 13:26:31.01 発信元:
第616話 復讐の記念日
扉絵 シェルズタウン海軍基地の給仕見習いリカ(エースが牛乳届けた時の女の子。足元にはルフィの手配書4 億ver)


Source: ap forum
Credits: aohige ap
Confirmation: Bestätigt!

Chapter 616: Memorial Day of Revenge
Cover: Shells Town Marine base, Rika the waitress in training
(T mistakenly says she's the milk girl in Ace's coverstory, but Rika is the other girl who gave Zoro the sugar-rice ball)
On the ground near her feet is Luffy's 400 million wanted poster

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Zitat :
Source: 2ch
Credits: Mr. T
Confirmation: Bestätigt!

871 :T ◆PecpvbY4/. [] :2011/02/23(水) 13:43:00.11 発信元:
多数の海獣及び魚人海賊団で襲撃に着た模様。ネプチューンと王子三人を抑えたら取るに足らんら しい。

再度場面変わり竜宮城内 襲ってきた人間海賊はゾロが全滅

すでに海の森へサニー号と着いていてトムさんの弟 オオカミウオ人魚のデンにコーティングを頼んでいる。 p

「バホホホホホ・・・誰かのものになるくらいなら 血しぶきを上げて死ねしらほしィ~~~」
で今週は終り。セリフが多いので詳細バレが無いと分からないと思うが、とうとうはじまるよ戦 いが。


Source: ap forum
Credits: aohige ap
Confirmation: Bestätigt!

There's a public accounement heard through Fishman Island.
It's a warning that dangerous individuals from Fishman district have entered inside FI
They don't look like they're coming in droves to come shopping, but hopefully nothing happens..

The border guards are unreachable.
Looks like the New Fishman Pirates brought numerous sea monsters with them, to launch an attack.
They say once they down Neptune and his three princes, the rest should be easy

Scene changes to Robin

She's riding a fish-bus, and heading to the Forest of Sea
Scene changes again to inside the Ryuguu Palace. The human pirates that attacked are all taken out by Zoro

Scene changes to Franky
He's already arrived at the Forest of Sea with Sunny.
He asked Tom's younger brother, a Bering Wolffish fishman Den to coat the ship.
Kokoro had sent them a letter, so Den already knows about how Tom died.
Jinbe is in front of him.

Scene changes to Ryuguu palace again
The entrance is open. Hody & Decken, and their crew all entered the palace.
Hodi used to be a very capable soldier in the army.
He thinks Shirahoshi missing is Decken's doing, and told him she's missing.
Decken gets on a coral and heads to Luffy and Shirahoshi
"Only thing separating two love birds 10 years in development is death!!
Bahohoho... if you are to be someone else's, then there will be bloodshed and death for you, Shirahoshiii!!"

The end of chapter
T says there's a lot of lines in the chapter, so the gist of the chapter may be hard to come across without a full script.
The battle is finally starting

Omitting stuff about prizes and DS game, T's additional info

This week's fun. Zoro and Deck/Hodi do meet and have a conversation
But before Hodi/Decken took over the fort, Zoro already took out everyone.
Hodi was like "What is this, some present for me?" (smoother, nondirect translation would be like "What is this, you're doing me a favor?")

--> Hier <-- könnt ihr über dieses Kapitel diskutieren.


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