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One Piece Manga 619 Spoiler Pics 0116
Chapter 619: At the Forest of Sea

One Piece Manga 619 Spoiler Pics Img_2610
Luffy: Again. I can't recall how many dozen times he threw them at us. He's persistent isn't he?
Jinbe: See! Whey did you bring her highness here, Luffy-kun!!

(Luffy's response cut off)
Shirahoshi: Yeah!
Jinbe: How carefree...sigh

Luffy: She's been at it for a long time like that...
Jinbe: Her mother, Queen Otohime rests there.
Unfortunately due to Vander Decken's attacks, she was caught in a bad timing (rest cut off)
And couldn't attend her mother's funeral, and spent the rest of 10 years in the Hard Shell Tower (rest cut off)
There were so many words she wanted to tell her mother, that just kept piling up over the years (rest cut off)

One Piece Manga 619 Spoiler Pics Img_2611
Jinbe: I'm sorry!! I got you guys caught in the matter..!!
(top cut off) 2 years ago... the situation was even worse than now for me to tell you this...
I felt much gratitude for those who stopped Arlong and his crew's rampage in East Blue.
You guys did it, correct? Thank you...!!!
At the same time, I must apologize for myself...
Hachi: Jinbe-san...
Jinbe: The man who let Arlong loose in East Blue... is none other than me!!!

DON! With Pirates of the Sun flag

--> Hier <-- könnt ihr über dieses Kapitel diskutieren.


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