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Source: 2ch
Credits: T
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt!

第628話 大掃除  
手元には署名の箱が有る為、そこに名前が有る物は裏切り者として一人ひとり処分していくと言う ・

海の森 その奥地にて
ロビンが今までに見てきたポーネグリフとは違う様子。まるで手紙の様な謝罪文。誰に謝ってるか分からず。何 者なのか?ジョイボーイ。

しらほしがメガロと共に向かうが止められる。ルフィは気にせずサロメに運んでもらおうとし、サンジにしらほ しを託すがジンベエに止められる。
チョッパーとフランキーが俺たちが人間だからか?と聞く。サンジ『お前らが言うと何か話こじれ るわ!!』

ルフィ「ジンベエ!!こっちは仲間取られてんだ!!ホーディってのほっときゃ俺の友達もみ んな困る」
ジンベエ『共に闘った仲だと油断したわい・・・・そういやお前さんあの男の弟じゃった・・ ・』



Source: apahige
Credits: apforum
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt!

Cleaning time
(as in big time to clean up)

At the town of sweets, fume-e of queen Otohime continues
Hodi declare himself as the new king.
He demands anyone who wish to befriend humans to be banished
He broadcasts image of Neptune being held captive. He says he'll execute Neptune within there hours.
The box containing the petition signature is with him, and anyone whose name is on it will be executed one by one.
At the end of the speech, he leaves a message for the strawhats.
He's going to execute Zoro, Usopp, and Brook by waterboarding
He shows the wanted poster of Luffy, and says it'll make a fine example of a 400 million bounty head

Meanwhile at the depth of the forest of sea....
Robin notices the poneglyph here is different from the ones she saw in the past.
It's witten like an apology letter, and she can't tell who it's aimed for.
Who could this be? Joy boy.

Meanwhile at the forest of sea...
Luffy celebrates his bounty increase to 400 million while Nami scolds him for it
Shirahoshi heads back with Megalo but is stopped
Luffy, carefree as usual, starts to go back on Megalo, leaving Shirahoshi at Sanji's protection, but is stopped by Jinbe
Jinbe tells them they should not fight Hodi
Chopper and Franky asks if it's because they are human. Sanji says it's confusing as hell coming from them
Jinbe: that's correct... The remnants of he fishmen will hat humans even more. Leave this up to me

Luffy: Jinbe! They have our crew mates! If we leave Hodi alone, my friends would in trouble
I have to go! If you want to stop me.... Try it!
Jinbe: .... Since we fought together side by side, I didn't expect this from you.. I forgot you were the brother of that man
If you refuse to stop here.... I have no other choice

Editor: battle about to erupt!?



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