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One Piece Manga 628 Spoiler Pics 001gii10

One Piece Manga 628 Spoiler Pics 55822310

One Piece Manga 628 Spoiler Pics 211
Hodi: The former Great Knight Neptune has aged....
Shirahoshi& Three princes: Father!!
Civilians: Your Highness!!!

One Piece Manga 628 Spoiler Pics 311
Deep within the Forest of Sea
Robin: It seems a little different from the Poneglyphs I've read before...
It's almost like an apology letter.... who is it apologizing to?
Who are you...."Joy Boy"?

One Piece Manga 628 Spoiler Pics 54494312
Usopp: Damn, the water is rising!! Do something, Zoro!!
Zoro: Alright, get this cuff off of me
Usopp: Cuff!! Release yourself!! ... sorry I don't have telekinesis
Brook: Hey! Hey! By the way, did you see the faces on those fishmen when I moved?

Brook (flashback): Yes, it's me! Dead and only bone left, Brook! Yohoho!
Fishmen: Gyaaaaaa!!
Zoro & Usopp: If you pretended to be dead, you could have let us free!!
Brook: Help!! They're gonna kill me!

Brook: Oh wait, I'm already dead. Yohoho!
Zoro: Oh well, Nami got away right? They just need to get Luffy and others
Usopp: What if they dont' come!?

Usopp: Robin impersonation! "I wonder if Nami's been killed by deepsea fishes?"
Brook: Yohoho!! That's just like her!!

One Piece Manga 628 Spoiler Pics 410
Hodi: 400 million Bounty Head "Straw Hat" Luffy!!
Your heads would be perfect to make example to the surface world!!
Luffy: .....
Hodi: Alright...we're starting the Clean Up time of Ryuuguu Kingdom!!
In three hours, this island will be reborn into a proud Fishman Island!!

Screen shuts off

Citizens: I can't believe this...!
Fukaboshi: I won't let him....!!

One Piece Manga 628 Spoiler Pics 510
Chopper & Franky: Why, because we're humans?
Sanji: Shut up you two! You'll make this even more confusing!
Jinbe: That's right... the remnants of Fishmen will hate the humans again... Let me handle this!
Luffy: Jinbe!! They got my crew!! If we leave Hodi alone, my friends will be in trouble...
I'm going!! If you want to stop me... just try it!!
Nami: Luffy!?
Jinbe: I let my guard down, since we fought side by side together... that's right, you're that man's brother weren't you?
If you don't intend to stop... then I guess I have no choice....!!


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