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Zitat :
Source: 2ch
Credits: T
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt!

扉絵 双子岬 クロッカスと笠をかぶったロン毛(後ろ姿)が酒を酌み交わしている。

いきなりデッケンが変な頭で現れ、『失恋したから髪を切ってやったぜ!!』と言い上だけ坊主になった(笑 )
ギョンコルド広場はホーディー達全員集合。ホーディーは白髪に成り体のサイズも少しUP。覚 醒した様子。
広場には海獣達の前に転がるネプ軍兵士達。一人が幹部一人と共に自爆を試みるがホーディーの撃水って技で 一撃・


煽り文 『あれ!?ルフィは!?』



Source: apahige
Credits: apforum
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt!

Coverstory: At the Twin Capes, Crocus and a long-haired man wearing a kasa hat (back turned and can't see the face) drinking together

Suddenly Decken appears with a weird look
My heart is broken, so I shaved head!
Although it means very little as he wears a hat.
He finds Luffy to be an obstacle, and laughs as he tells others he thought up a good idea (to get rid of him)

In Gyoverly Hills, Neptune Army is decimated by the sea monsters
At Gyoncord Plaza, all the Hodi's men gather. Hodi is white haired now, and his body is a bit larger. Looks like he's fully awakened in power.
At the plaza Neptune soldiers fall in front of the sea monsters. One of them attempts to suicide bomb to take out one of the lieutenants, but Hodi stops him with a water attack Gekisui.
That attack goes through many buildings, and even reaches the Mermaid Inlet 150km away.

The three princes arrive at the Plaza. They take out the sea monsters
The lieutenants use ES pills to dope up, to fight the three.
Jinbe and Megalo head to the Plaza with Shirahoshi.

Wait, where's Luffy!?

Text 2

Zitat :
Source: 2ch
Credits: T
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt!





Source: apahige
Credits: apforum
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt!

"Sengoku Armors ended well.

I checked over and over, and the water that flew did travel 150km. Unless they printed wrong.

I wonder if the long-haired person who we see the back is Yorki.
Long haired, and white. Wearing a striped cape.
The kasa hat is like Oars, and tip is square. The tip of the cone is black
Behind them is Laboon opening his mouth wide. "


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