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Source: 2ch
Credits: T
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt!

第633話 敵か味方か
扉絵 巨人島リトルガーデン 喧嘩を続けるドリーブロギー

秘密にしていたのはホーディーを誰かが恨むと思い、それではお母様が悲しむ為、母との最後の約束で誰も憎ま ないでと言われた事を
魚人の子供達はマダムシャーリーに対し 帽子をかぶった海賊はいつこの島を壊しに来るの?と問う。今来てく れたらいいな!今すぐここで大暴れしてくれたら俺たちも困るけどあいつらも困るよね!と言う。
ホーディーが国王にとどめを刺そうとする。しらほしが『ルフィ様ァ!!お父様をお守りください~~!!』と 叫ぶ。
メガロの口から何とルフィ!!! ホーディーの所へ飛んで行き、けりをいれる。
ルフィ登場。ルフィ『急げお前たち!!』と言うとナミが現れ天竜人の書状と王子国王の錠のカギをゲット。ロ ビンにより王子達解放。空にはサニーとホエが居る。ガオン砲で魚人海賊たちを蹴散らしホエがネプチューンを 救出!
この襲撃はジンベエ達と計画していた様子。魚人島民達は麦藁の一味に対していろいろ質問を投げかける( 敵か味方か?など)



Source: apahige
Credits: apforum
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt!

Chapter 633: Friend or Foe?
coverstory: Island of Giants "Little Garden" Dorry and Broggy are still fighting.

The reason why Shirahoshi knew the perpetrator was because Megalo saw the whole thing, and told Shirahoshi
She kept it a secret because Hodi may vent his hatred towards someone for it, and her mother would be saddened by it
She followed her mother's last words which was not to hate anyone, and kept it to herself for 10 years
Hodi calls her a fool, and attacks the king and the princes with Yabusame (the water shot)

The fishmen children asks Madame Shirley when the pirate with the hat is coming to destroy the island
"I wish he'd come right now! If he rampages here right now, we'd be in trouble.. but those guys would be in bigger trouble right!?"
The adults who heard those words also wished the pirate would come right now

Hodi tries to finish the king off.
Shirahoshi: Luffy-sama!! Please protect my father!!
Luffy jumps out of Megalo's mouth! He darts towards Hodi, and kicks him.

Luffy: Hurry up, guys!!
Nami appears, and snatches the Tenryuubito's letter (the one Otohime brought back) and the keys to the King and Princes' locks
Robin uses them to release the princes

In the sky is Hoe and the Sunny.
Gaon cannon is shot to take out the fishmen pirates, and Hoe rescues Neptune
This whole attack was pre-planned with Jinbe.
The denizens of Fishman Island asks the strawhat pirtes if they are friends or foes.
Luffy: Friend or Foe...? Well, you decide yourselves!

The straw hat pirates all gather at the plaza. Jinbe gets ready to fight alongside them too!

How Zoro and others got out is probably gonna be revealed later
Franky probably went to save them? Leaving only Jinbe, Shirahoshi, Luffy, and Megalo to head to the plaza at first.
Anyways all of the Straw Hats are there!
The story is picking up in pace!
I'll bring you more info later....

Volume 63 cover is Shirahoshi in the center, in all pink, looking cute.
To the left and right are faces of Tiger and Otohime
To the bototm is Luffy


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