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Source: 2ch
Credits: T
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt!

第635話 空を飛ぶ程おぞましい 
扉絵 世界貴族人に認定されたワポル 悪ブラックドラム王国建国

シラホシが撃水でホーディに狙われるがジンベエの撃水ではじき返す。ひよっこの魚人空手だと言う。現在 ジンベエの賞金は4億だと!!
ゾロも新技 黒縄・大竜巻(鉄をも斬る斬撃の竜巻が移動しながら切り刻んでる)
サンジは新技 空中歩行(スカイウォーク。多分月歩)&焼鉄鍋スペクトル(ボアル・ア・フリール スヘ ゚クトル)
サニーソルジャードックシステムの4はクロサイのバイク。5はブラキオサウルスの戦車。ルフィは大喜び、チ ョッパーは嬉しさのあまり泣きながら自分はチョッパー司令官でありますとか言って遊んでる 。
ホーディーにクラーケンが呼ばれ攻撃するように指示されるがルフィが友達だろって事で上にのって逆に大暴れ してる。


Source: apahige
Credits: apforum
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt!

Chapter 635: So disgusting, you gotta fly

(Also, the OP Anime will enter the New World Arc starting 10/2
Jump shows the new art (post-time skip I guess) of the Straw Hats for the anime as well)

cover: Wapol is certified as a world noble. Creation of the Evil Black Drum Kingdom.

Zeo's still saying something, but Straw Hats continue to ignore him.
Zoro complains to Luffy that he took out too many.
Sanji is getting competitive with him, and says "I'm gonna take out 30,000, Marimo!"
Hody aims his uchimizu (water shot) at Shirahoshi, but Jinbe blocks it away with his uchimizu.
He says Hody's a rookie at Fishman Karate.

Jinbe's bounty is same as Luffy now, 400,000,000.

They continue to go after Shirahoshi, but Brook uses his new attack to stop them.
(Using music to mesmerize the opponent, and slice him before he even notices)
Zoro also uses his new move, Kuronami - Ootatsumaki (Oda may use pun-names, can't tell without the raw. "Black Rope - Big Hurricane")
Sanji uses his new move as well. Sky Walk (just like Geppo) and Beau-art a Frire? (I don't know French.sorry)
Robin's new move creates a giant foot to step on the opponents
Sunny Soldier Dock System 4 is a Black Rhino motorcycle.
5 is Brachiosaurus tank. Luffy loves it. Chopper is so moved, he's crying. Commander Chopper, at your service sir!
Hody summons the kraken and orders him to attack, but Luffy says "we're friends right?", then hops on the kraken to ride him, and wreck more havoc
Hody is piiiiiissed.


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