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Verification: Confirmed
Source: Ap Forums
Credits: Kaze1028/Aohige

Kaze1028/Aohige schrieb:

T's wife sent T spoilers while he was at work.

Luffy's destroying the Noah.
Chopper went giant, and at first it seemed he's out of control... but he's not! He's totally concious.
The NFP lieutenants are about to be forsaken even by their own men. Even the NFP pirates are realizaing how whacked they are.

She says it's all going towards a conclusion.

And.... the break happens.

EDIT: And it looks like Hody's been defeated by Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gatling.
Luffy smacked the hell out of him along with the Noah.

Source: Ap Forums
Credits: Aohige
Zitat :

Chapter 645: Death is also a revenge

Fire-fist pistol hits!
Hody is blown away to Noah in the bubble.

Luffy: Full-speed, Weakhoshi!
Shirahoshi: Ok!

Hody grunts, and eats tons of E.S. pills

Luffy: Phew!! Air!
Gear 3!!!

Soldiers: Go for it, Luffy-!!

Citizens: Don't be stupid saying you won't run.... how is Noah going to be stopped from falling!?
Citizen: I don't know, but when we heard Hody's speech earlier, I thought we were done for.
Remember 20 years ago... when we were kids. Remember about the one human this entire kingdom felt gratitude for....


Whitebeard: I've been in debt to Neptune when he was young... we toasted sake in friendship.
Enemy pirates: This can't be! Why is he on the fishman side!?
Help, have mercy!! We'll never kidnap mermaids or fishmen anymore!!

Whitebeard: You dare not plunder my friend's country!! Snot-nosed punks!

end flashback

Citizen: You mean Whitebeard!? We should trust this man like we did that great pirate Whitebeard?
Citizen: Well think about it.... I don't really like humans, but he said we're friends... even though this is a nation of fishman...
And he's putting his life in line for us..!!

Madam Shirley: ......

Hody: My teeth aren't just for show.... I know it must hurt you, Straw Hat!!
Luffy: Your toughness is equal to over-100 milllion berry heads...

Hody: Fishman Jujutsu Mizu-gokoro (Heart of water)!!
Luffy: Weakhoshi, get away!
Shirahoshi: Ok!!

Hody: Murasame!!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no.....

Luffy dodges Murasame

Luffy: Elephant Gun!!

Hody is smacked onto the Noah

Hody: (Fall, Noah.... kill all the fishmen who lost their pride!!!)


Soldiers: !? He's not done yet!
Soldier: Hey, the communication cut off!! What is going on right now!?
Soldier: He's going to destroy the legendary ark!!
Soldier: He can do that? I thought we were just going to deal with Decken

Luffy: I won't let it fall to the island!!

Soldier: Reporting!! Right now, Straw Hat Luffy is above the island....

Shirahoshi: Luffy-sama, your wounds are opening...

Luffy: Gomu Gomu no!!!!!!

Fukaboshi: (Please, Straw Hat....)

Soldier: and he is destorying the Noah!!
...and attempting to protect this island!!!

Luffy: Elephant Gatling!!!

Citizen: Destroying the Noah!?

Soldier: And the New Fishman Pirate Hody has been....defeated by Luffy!!

Pirates: Uwaaaa!! We're finished!!! Captain Hody lost!!
There's no way Straw Hat can destroy the Noah, let's get out of here!!

Zeo: !
Pirate: Gah!?

Pirate: Zeo-san, please have mercy!! This island is done for!!
Zeo: Death is also revenge!
Die, and curse the humans in your death!! Your slaughter will become our flesh and blood!!
The grudge will never go away!! As long as it's inherited, the revenge will one day come to fruition!

Pirate: This is stupidity! You lieutenants are insane!!

Dosun: If we are, the humans made us so!
Do not run!! Vent your anger towards the humasn BOGOOON!!
All the misfortune to fall upon the fishman race is perpetrated by the humas! ZUGAAAN!!

Children: Are humans really that scary?
Citizen: Don't be foolish!! Yeah, in the history, humans have time and time again....
Madam: Stop it!!! Look with your own eyes!! Look above the skies of this island yourself!!
Those men fighting against those Pirates from the Fishman district.. that's human!

Child: ....that too?

Points at Brook

Madam: .... well, half of them are unsure, but anyways,look with your own eyes!
If you don't, you have no right to say anything!
No matter what happens, look straight into it with your own, innocent eyes!

Zeo: If you cannot die in battle.... then die here and now by my hands, and leave your grudge against humans!
Pirate: Gyaaaaaa!!!

Brook: Stop this!! Those are your own men!

Pirate: Thank you for saving us, skeleton-mask!

Brook: (at Zeo) Oh hush you, you've never experienced death before!!
Die and leave the grudge? Foolish!!! There's nothing left when you die!!
When a living being dies, it simply turn into bones!!!

Franky: That's quite convincing coming from you.
Brook: Thank you!

Brook: I hate anyone who waste precious lives!!
I can't stand it, it stinks!! Though I don't have noses to smell!!

(Japanese expression "cant'stand nose", but I localized it to make sense)

Zeo: Fufu.... you're the ones wasting lives, aren't you?
It's admireble you and your crew are calm and not running, but when that Noah falls, it's you humans that will die without a doubt
...Although I don't know if you're human or not

Brook: Our captain, Luffy, is a man who will one day become the Pirate King!
If we trust in him, why would we panic? Now let me finish my mission! Yohohohoho!!

Hyouzou: Uii!! Wait, stop, I've lost all my swords!
Zoro: ...............
Hyouzou: I don't know how to fight without them... uiii

Ikaros: Much!!
Franky: How annoying, I'm gonna finish this with a big blast... with one of my biggest new move!

Wadatsumi: How's dis!! You surprised yet!?
Sanji: Uhh.... sure, yeah, it's big enough. I'm shocked.
Wadatsumi: Gufuufufugu!! See!!
Sanji: So let's finish this shall we? ... right, Jinbe!
Jinbe: yeah, sure

Pirate: Uwaaaa what's that monster!?
Daruma: Where did that come from!?

Usopp: Chopper!!

Dosun: That little one just suddenly turned huge...
Usopp: Hey!!! You didn't have to go berserk......huh!?

Chopper: ehehe... I'm ok, Usopp!!

Usopp: What!?

Chapter 645, end
Break next issue


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