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By CCC from AP.
Zitat :
The guys besides Nami, Robin, and Luffy (but including Jimbei) annihilate the NFP officers with special moves in a 2-page spread.
Honestly that's pretty much all the contents, but the writing and intensity of the art is amazing.

The ones besides Luffy seem to end the battle, themselves pretty much unscathed

The conclusion of each of their new finishing moves (Sanji and Jimbei are separate)
Not a lot of content, but honestly the drawings are amazing."


Explaining this week's [chapter] in writing is tough, but...
There's nothing but the depiction of the battle and everyone's special moves. Various depictions are jumbled together.
I don't think you can understand without reading the whole thing.
What to do, what to do.... I apologize for the halfhearted second half.

Anyway, Chapter 646 "Exchange"
Cover Story: Sky Island's Aisa (having grown a bit bigger) is delivering ball clouds. Skypiea's Rubberband Land's special product, Sky Bungee.
It seems that Chopper can only maintain his giant rumble-ball induced form for 3 minutes.
After being told how reliable he is by Usopp (so, at the point when he usually says "You bastard" and dances around happily) Monster Chopper's reaction is terrible *sorry. a bit unsure here.*
Usopp's Green Star "Humandrake" snatches up and entangles Daruma, and Green Star "Trampoleon" hurls him upwards.
At Franky/Ikaros' battle location, Ikaros is trying to gather up solar power to his head (?) for a sure-kill attack with his spear, but Franky also seems to be charging up a finishing move.
Brook vs. Zeo. Zeo says that if you enter his circle you'll die, but Brook has already entered and performed his finisher( Kasuri Uta- Fubukigiri, or Grazing Song- Blizzard Cut) and won.
Usopp vs. Daruma. Finisher: Green Star- "Impact Wolf." From the tip of a plant bulb, giant wolf-shaped grass fires a 3m diameter shockwave
Chopper vs. Dossun. Kizahidume Yashi ("Palme")- It's a punch from his giant form...
Franky vs. Ikaros. Franky Radical Beam. A beam from Franky's real hand. Usopp and Chopper are delighted.
Wadatsumi vs. Jimbe. Fishman Karate Hidden Technique- Buraikan. Water pierces Wadatsumi's body. Air leaks out, and he flies upwards.
Sanji vs. Wadatsumi. Sanji was waiting in the sky. Remembering those two years, I get so mad *<--honestly no idea about the last half of that sentence, but the idea is that he's upset about the memories.* "I'll scorch them! Those memories! Hell Memories!" It's a burning kick.
Zoro vs. Hyouzou. Zoro wins with Rengoku Onigiri (Purgatory Onigiri). He ISN'T poisoned."


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