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Credits: rubia_ryu
Ch 647 Noah Has Stopped

Zitat :
Soldiers: "Whoooaa!! All those brutal leaders were taken out...! What amazing strength!!"
Pirates: "Watch out above!! It's dangerous!!"
"Wadatsumi's falling!!"
Jinbe: "As expected of Luffy-kun's crewmates..."
Zoro: "Drop him farther away, clusmy cook."
Sanji: "Shaddup, or it's your head that'll fall!"
Chopper: "Amazing, Sanji..."
Usopp: "Franky's beam is the best!!"
Franky: "Yo, Chopper! Shrink down a bit, my giant robot form doesn't compare!"
Brook: "Nami-san, may you please lift your miniskirt?"
Nami: "Shut it."
Robin: "Just what use is that robot for?"

People: "!! Noah's come this close!!"
Pirates: "Run! The plaza's in trouble!"
"Those messed-up leaders can't help us anymore! Run!!"
"The island's gonna be completely crushed!!"

People: "Can he make it!? Or not!? Straw Hat!!"
"Straw Hat-!!!"
Zoro: "..."
Soldiers: "Luffy-san!!"
Luffy: "OOOOOOOHHH!!!"

People: "Can he really save this island from being wrecked by Noah...?"
"Will he make it..."
Nami: "..."

(other) People: "Fishman Island's gonna collapse!!"

People: "Don't lose, Straw Hat..."
"Give this fight your all!"
"We won't run!!"
Kids: "Keep going, Straw Hat Bro!!"

Left Minister: "For the sake of Fishman Island!! Straw Hat...!!"
People: "Don't lose, Straw Hat!"
"We believe in you!!"
"Straw Hat!!"
"Straw Hat!!"
"Straw Hat!!!"
"Straw Hat!!!"
"Straw Hat!!!!"

Luffy: "Stop, ship--!!!"
People: "Straw Hat!!"
"Straw Hat!!"
"Straw Hat!!"

Fukaboshi: "Destroying the Noah... Father... Is this is the only way...?"
Neptune: "(The Promised Ark... This is the first time it can't be helped...)
(Will you forgive us for breaking that promise... Joyboy...)?"

Voice: "(Stop-!!)"
Luffy: "Wah!!"
[He hears a voice.]
"Hah, hah... Who is it!?"
Shira: "Luffy-sama! That's enough!!"
"Luffy-sama!! Please stop already!!"
Luffy: "Move it! Weakhoshi! The island's gonna be crushed!!"
Shira: "Kyaa! No! It's alright!!"
Luffy: "It's not alright! Everyone's still on the island!"
Shira: "Noah already... has stopped...!"

[Several Sea Kings are holding up the Noah.]
Luffy: "? Sea Kings! Why!?"
Shira: "Ue-n... Luffy-sama became angry at me..."
Luffy: "Hey! Now's not the time for that!"
Shira: "I don't know how it happened..."
"But... Noah already has stopped..."
Luffy: "he... he..."
Shira: "Luffy-sama! Your wound is open and it's bleeding!"
Luffy: "u... ha... ah... well... good that the ship stopped..."
"Everyone's okay now..."
[He collapses.]
Shira: "Luffy-sama!"

Sea King: "(Geez... what a human...)"
"(What a strong human.)"
"(We came just a bit late.)"
"(Noah's completely a wreck...)"
"(Good thing Princess Shirahoshi called us here...)"
Shira: "(...!? Eh...? But I didn't do anything...)"
Sea King: "(No, the straw hat boy led a strong will... begging...)"

Soldiers: "What the heck...?"
"What is this! Sea Kings stopped the ark!!"
Sea Kings: "(To protect the island... you hoped you were strong enough to help...)"
"(Our strength is your strength, you call us and we lend him a hand.)"
Soldiers: "I... it's difficult to explain in a few words...!!"
"But there's no mistake!! Noah has stopped!!!"
"Noah might not be completely destroyed!!!"
"Fishman Island is saved!!!"


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