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Alright, the gist of it is this.

Caribou is taken down and Sanji, Zoro and Luffy recover the treasure he had in his swamp.
Big Mam's men find out that the candy was used in a party for the Strawhats.
Big Mam finds out that Fishman Island can't offer up candy, so she decides to destroy it.
She calls up her henchmen to give them the message, but Luffy takes the call instead.
He tells her she can't destroy the island because he only just managed to save it.
He offers up the treasure in exchange for candy.
Big Mam wants none of it because it can't be eaten, but one of her henchmen remind her that they need money too, because two of their ships were destroyed by Captain Kidd.
But Big Mam still has none of it, "As if there's a pirate who compromises on what they want! Monkey. D. Luffy, you haven't heard the last of this. Come! To the New World!"

Luffy replies by stating Fishman Island is now his territory. Big Mam is pissed off. End.


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Originally Posted by redon
Japanese script.


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