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BeitragThema: One Piece Manga 652 Spoiler    One Piece Manga 652 Spoiler  EmptyMi 11 Jan - 14:09


Ich übernehme mal Starrk´s Aufgabe Wink
Wie immer ist es von AP

Zitat :
Cover is Chimney and Gonbe

Jinbe's duty regards Big Mom, he reports it to King Nep and Luffy. Per instruction by some soldiers, Luffy removes a bomb in the Tamatebako. (When the criminals were arrested, this bomb was set in.) He returns it safely to Neptune, who requests that Luffy settle with(?) Big Mom's subordinates. Nami replies angrily that she already did all that. Nep worries that the bomb was set there as a challenge to Luffy.

Caribou glees over the mountain of treasure and the mermaid princess' secret, gloating aloud to himself as he escapes... but is caught and beaten by Big Mom's two subordinates.
Numa Numa Gatling (gatling gun from his swampy stomach)
Pekoms has the turtle DF, beats Caribou in one hit with Haki.

On to Marine Base G5,
Some random pirates who fled FI are captured by Captain Tashigi and V.A. Smoker. Smoker hears who defeated Hody's gang, but the pirates refuse to tell him until he forces it out from them. "I already knew, idiots."

Note from a later post: Smoker convinced the pirates to talk by offering to let them go.

Pekom's bounty is 330,000,000 B.

Zitat :
652: Grim Prospects Ahead

Cover story: Chimney and that rabbit-looking thing. That.

Jinbe and Jyamon (ohana's name for Neptune) talk about the future of both Jinbe and the whole country
Jyamon says that if they become a country that no longer bears Big Mom's flag, they'll just have to use the Strawhat one instead. He and Jinbe laugh about it.

Minister of the Right approaches Jyamon.
He says there's a bomb in the Tamatebako
Jyamon worries, wondering if Luffy has already opened it

Jyamon goes to Luffy
Turns out Luffy gave it to Big Mam (via Pekoms)
Everyone is surprised that Luffy picked a fight with Big Mom, a Yonkou
Neptune tells them about the bomb and starts freaking out
Nami says that they handed over ALL the treasure. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji are beaten to bloody pulps.

Caribou is running near the candy factory. There, Pekoms and Tamago are carrying a big bag
Caribou says "Hand over the bag!" Gatling gun.
Pekoms is a zoan type (his body is a turtle)
Caribou swings an axe, but Pekoms beats him with a single punch.

Pekoms bounty is 330,000,000 berries.

Around the Red Line...
Tashigi has become a captain. Her eyes are as bad as ever.
Captured pirates are talking with Smoker on a Marine ship (we can't see all of Smoker's face)

Ob Pekoms wohl so aussieht? xD




BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga 652 Spoiler    One Piece Manga 652 Spoiler  EmptyMi 11 Jan - 15:57

One Piece Manga 652 Spoiler  6asg3pck
One Piece Manga 652 Spoiler  Eu2kmmqi


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