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It seems the cover for volume 65 is Luffy doing his red hawk attack, it confirms that there are indeed flames coming out of it.
Cover story is Mozu and Kiwi in their own bar. (Lola can be seen tasting sth is there, too?) <- not sure about this one since it doesn't refer to what she's tasting and her name should be written ローラ instead of ローラー but no idea what other character it could be referring to.

Won't bear responsibility for any mistakes I'm still in language training. Razz

on the cover is Mozu and Kiwi's bar...
Lola pirates are also there...
the title is "GAM", group of whales in english...
it has something in japanese too, something like "Small Group" or "Small Crowd"...

Nami is entering the bath,
Chopper is at her side,
Sanji and Brook are peeking,
Usopp, Zoro and Luffy are in the process of catching a gigantic fish.
They meet laboons tribe who are guiding them to the surface, and that's it for this chapter.


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