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Zitat :
Cover--Zanbai and dudes taking orders for a ship. (was that his name?)

Luffy is goofing around with the lower half of the body.
Zoro spots an iceberg.

Ussop spots a birdman on top of a building.

Sanji kicks away the mist
Everyone wakes up, in some room.

A separated face/head shows up in there and speaks
It rearranges its parts together and becomes a face

Everyone is shocked at the talking head.
Franky blows down the wall, Sanji grabs the head by the hair
Sanji notices the head has a samurai-topknow, the signature hairstyle of Wano country, dude is a Wano samurai.

The dudes in the gasmasks/clothing from before hear the ruckus and come chasing in
Sanji runs and breaks down the door

Right there is a pretty big child.

EDIT: Missed the other parts. Ohana says the face looks like Goemon. Thinks the head and the lower half of the body are the same person, and that the lowerhalf claims to be searching for their son.


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