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Zitat :
The children are delighted by a robot (Franky?)
The head asks if they know a boy named Peach [something] and is made afraid (?)
Sanji tries to stop her, but Nami cries and asks to be saved, saying that they can't turn back now and asking if the children will eat the pursuers up.
The crew asks to be saved by the children.
Franky and Sanji fight those that remain.

In the room where they're being held, the PH forces take a look at the after effects of Franky's laser. It seems that only the Pacifista's of that annoying Vegapunk are expected to have this laser technology.
High in the sky a birdperson is talking on a Den den mushi. The four invaders are being taken down.
Luffy's group gets a call from Brook. Before Brook's eyes stands an amazing-looking building.
The bird person's companions are both centaur-like. One has the lower half of a leopard and the torso of a human; the other has the lower half of a giraffe and the torso of a human.
The two are crushed by Luffy and Robin. The den den mushi they had has "CC" written on it.
According to the conversation of Smoker (and his people), two years ago Punk Hazard was just a "normal, stinkin' island." But Akainu and Aokiji's fight changed the weather.

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