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Noch eine Logia? Nach der Sumpf-Frucht, kommt jetzt eine Gas-Frucht.
Außerdem ist Law nun Samurai, wie von mir vorausgesehen.
(" ")
Ich kann mich auch mal loben, wenn eine meiner kleinen Theorien, voll ins schwarze trifft (:

Zitat :
Smoker and co arrive at the island
They arrive at the building Brook saw

He orders one of his dudes to find a guy named M that they can't find? (I messed this part up methinks)

Luffy and co ride on a boat Ussop made.
Kentarous follows

Kentarous says that there goes the intruders
in front of him is a guy called the boss and his underlings

Brook battles with the upper body of the samurai
He runs away saying it's scary

Arriving at the castle is Smoker
Law comes out of the door
In order to become a Shichibukai he sent 100 pirate hearts to the government

Quelle: CC vom AP Forum

Zitat :
714 ◆27p9/DnZE//X [sage] 2012/03/07(水) 16:39:13.00 ID: SyClLkkQ0




Next part:

The boss, M, Law, and Smoker. Lots of enemies, huh!

M goes inside a flask.
He's probably the user of the Gas gas fruit.
His appearance is, as we thought, some sort of liquid or vapor.
Law calls Smoker, "White Hunter-ya." (adding the ya like he did with Luffy

Law sieht richtig cool aus.

One Piece Manga 659 Spoiler  Hwhihooj


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