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Source: 2ch
Credits: T
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt

第668話 海賊同盟 扉絵世界の甲板から 最終回 白ひげとエースの墓

ローの問いに対しルフィはその四皇はだれの事だ?と聞く。ナミは聞く耳もつなと言うもローの口から語られる が読者には聞こえない。聞いたのは ローとルフィとナミ。 ルフィ『そうか・・・よし やろう』

一味の元に戻るルフィとローとナミ。 ロビンが心配して海賊同盟なんて裏切りが付きものと進言するも ルフィ『え?お前裏切るのか?』 ロー「いや」 ルフィはとにかく面白そうだしトラ男が良い奴じゃ無くても弐年修行したお前らが付いてるから大丈夫だと言う 。

フランキーとチョッパーは元に戻る。 フランキーの体からでたナミは代わりにサンジの体へin 爆笑する一味 チョッパーは暴走の影 響で動け

チョッパーは子供たちを助けたいと言っているがローは放っておけと言う。世界政府が人間の巨大化の研究を推 進しているらしい。 シーザーはこれを成功させてベガパンクや政府の鼻を明かしたいらしい。 ナミは子供の安全を確認できるまではこの島を絶対に出ないと言う。ルフィも仲間がそうするなら俺もそうする と。 ルフィはサンジがサムライをくっつけたがってるからロー弐手伝えと言う。びっくりするロー。 ウソップがローに進言、ルフィの思う同盟はローが思っているのと少し違うから主導権を握ろうと思うのは甘い と。自分勝手さはすでに四皇クラス だと。 仕方なく従うロー サムライの方はお前らで何とかしろと言い自分は子供の薬の件を調べるから船医付いてこい と言う。 動けないチョッパーはローの帽子の上に乗せられる。愕然とするローw 結局チョッパーはローの刀の先にストラップ見たいにされてる。シーザーに付いてローから情報。覇気纏えない 物は決して近づくなと注意。 ルフィがこっちで覇気使えるのは俺とゾロとサンジとあとお前だろと言う。 そのメンバーでシーザーを誘拐する計画。捕獲した後はローの計画で事態は動き出す。そうなると引き返せない らしい。捕獲も決して簡単じゃな い。

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Source: apforums
Credits: CCC
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt

668 Pirate Alliance From the Decks of the World(Final Volume): WB andAce's graves

Luffy asks which Emperor Law wants to take down. Law tells Nami (not?) to listen. The reader can't "hear" what he says, but Luffy and Nami do. Luffy: "I see... Alright!Let's do it!"

Luffy, Law, and Nami return to the rest of the crew. Robin is worried about the idea ofa piratealliance, suggesting that theymight be betrayed at some point. Luffy: "Eh? Are you going to betrayus?" Law: "No." Anyway, Luffy says that idea seems interesting to him, and that even if Law isn't a good guy, everyone should be fine because of their two years of training. Franky and Chopperreturn totheirbodies. Nami comes out of Franky'sbodyandgoes intoSanji's (because herown isn'tthere) Thanks to Franky'srampage,Chopperis immobile.

Chopper wants to save the kids, butLawsays toleavethem alone. Itseems the World Govt. is still researching how to turn humans into giants. That Caesar already figured it out seems tohave slippedright under the govt.'s and Vegapunk's noses. Nami says that she at least wants to confirm their safety by getting them off (?) the island. Luffy agrees, saying he'll do whatever his friends want to do. Luffy says that Sanji has become a bit attached to the Samurai (emotionally, I believe...) so won't Law help them out? Law is surprised. Usopp counsels Law. He says that the alliance he has in mind is probablya bit differentfrom what Luffybelieves itis,so he would be naive to try to suddenly make a power grab. He already thinks of himself as yonkou class (Luffy? not sure) Without a choice, Law agrees. He leaves the matter of the samurai to the crew, and says that he'll work on researching the matter of the kids and their drugs. He asks the ship's doctor (Chopper...) tocome along. Because he still can't move, Chopper gets on top of Law's hat. Law is astonished. In the end, it looks like Chopper gets strapped to Law's sword.Lawtells ChopperaboutCaesar.Those unable touse hakishouldn'tapproach him. Luffy says that he, Zoro, Sanji, and you (Law) can use haki. So those members should kidnapCaesar.With his capture,Law's plan can starttounfold.Butfrom there,there's noturningback.And capturing him will be no simple task. In the lab, Caesar's underlings (the remodeledformerprisoners) andSmoker's marinesare fighting.ButCaesar doesn't trytocapture them to use as guinea pigs; instead, he summons his pet... (?) On the fiery side, the underlings open the gate. A giantslime emerges and annihilates them. Not sure if it's gas or somethingelse.



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