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Source: 2ch
Credits: T
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt

第679話 心意気G-5
爆発の効果を喜ぶシーザー G-5の面々が映らない事と檻も確認できないってを気にする。
チョッパーは鎮静剤とドラッグの構造は分かった。飛んできた紙切れは自力で逃げられるって意味だった。そし て迷子になるチョッパー。
脱出するために向かう所を遮断してA棟の外壁を破壊してA棟にシノクニを流しこめと命令するシ ーザー。
ルフィ、ロー、スモーカー、ゾロブルック錦えもん 各自闘いながら進む。茶ひげにのる残りの一味、茶ひげが ドラゴンを研究所に入れたのは少々まずかったかもと言い出す。
隔離される扉の目の前で外壁が壊されガスが侵入、急いで避難するも扉は閉まっていき、ギリギリ間に合った のは一味と数名G-5、外側で取り残された海軍達はたしぎを助けるために外に残って親指を立てたまま固まった。


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Source: apforums
Credits: Aohige_AP
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt

coverstory: Koriboo came for his brother

Ceaser rejoices the effect of the explosion.
He is worried that he doesn't see any of the G-5 men, nor can he see the cage clearly.
Vergo tell him they probably ran. Ceaser's men confirm to him that they have escaped.

Hearing this, Chopper high tails out of there.
Monet notices him, but keeps silent.

Chopper figures out the drug, and how to make sedative for it.
The piece of paper he got meant they (Luffy, Law and others) can get out of there on their own.
Chopper gets lost in the lab...

Ceaser orders to close out the area needed for their escape, and break the outer wall of section A so Shinokuni can enter.
Vergo tells him only incompetent fodders would fall for that trap, and decides to go fight on his own.

Vergo: I'll cut through everything.... hm? Where's my sword?
Monet: You're not a swordsman.
Vergo: Oh that's right, I'm not a swordsman.. alright, I'll go crush those younglings.

Luffy, Law, Smoker, Zoro, Brook, and Kin-emon all advance, fighting off the enemies.
The rest of the crew rides Brownbeard, and Brownbeard tells them it may have been a bad idea to let that dragon inside.
As gates closes in, and the outer walls break and the gas comes in, the only ones who made it through the walls were Strawhats (and Law I assume), and few of the G-5s
The other marines didn't make it, and they stayed behind to help Tashigin escape.

As the gas consumed the marines, they gave all thumbs up to her as they froze...

End of chapter.


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