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944 :いやあ名無しってほんとにいいもんですね:2012/09/11(火) 15:08:52.61 発信元:
681 「ルフィ vs. M」

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Source: apforums
Credits: Aohige_AP
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt

Luffy vs. Master
Jinbe and Caribou arrive at G-5... and it's stormy or something
Law says that it would be a big hindrance if their hearts started getting crushed, so until he gets his back from Vergo, he won't forgive anyone's reckless actions. He tells Smoker to abide by his rules as long as he's on the island.
Caesar vs. Luffy
Caesar says Law will betray Luffy
Caesar attacks with "Karakuni" (Empty World)- an attack that takes away oxygen from an area
It has a set range, so Luffy stays outside of that range and keeps attacking while getting closer and closer.
Caesar attacks with "Blue Sword," and burns the oxygen with it
At an opportune moment, Luffy uses JET Gatling (with Armament haki). Caesar is worried. Monet guards him with "Kamakura" [a Japanese festival where kids play in igloos- I'm assuming it resembles one of those igloos] (could this be her power?)
Monet helps him escape. If something were to happen to Caesar, Monet would be killed by Joker. She holds Luffy back (Monet is cute...)
Vergo vs. Sanji
Vergo is blown away by one of Sanji's kicks and the wall caves in (where he hits)
Gas starts to flow in, and it seems like Sanji and G-5 are locked in.
Vergo says "Don't get in my way" and kicks Sanji, officially throwing down the gauntlet
Sanji's leg bones get small cracks in them from Vergo's kick. It looks like he's going to take another attack but he fights back just in time. They exchange blows.
Law gets to the room where they produce SAD [tankers?]. Caesar says... something [sorry. I always have a lot of trouble with Caesar's style of speech]
Monet and Vergo realize Law's plan
Law is painting a picture of the "worst scenario" in his mind. He's really going to mess up the New World, says Vergo.
Law laughs haughtily


One Piece Manga 681 Spoiler  Ui6yjnzu

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