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Source: apforums
Credits: Aohige_AP
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Chapter 682: Mastermind

In corridor shutter between A and B closes, trapping Sanji and Vergo there.
The marines panic, but Sanji actually got away and came through.
Sanji thinks to himself he woulda been in trouble if they kept fighting.

Vergo is hopping from wall to wall, moving through building B, and reporting to Doflamingo that Law's betrayal is confirmed.
Doflamingo: I KNEW it! Fuffuffu!
He says he regrets how it turned out, seeing he treated and raised Law like a brother.

A female swordswoman attacks Doflamingo while he's casually talking on the phone, and Dofla's man guns her down.
Pretty cool crew, a masked man with goggles and a Top Hat.

Doflamingo is can't afford Ceaser gone, he's the only one in the world that knows how to manufacture SAD.

The swordswoman's name is Baby 5, looks like she's actually subordinate of Dofla.
She's pissed at him, for some reason. Another crew member, a huge, fatguy that dresses like Hardgay Ramon calms her down.
There's a loli with a circle around one eye eating sweets, while an old man and a hag plays cards.
Doflamingo tells Vergo he wants Law brutally killed. Make him regret for being born into this world.
He then orders Monet and Joker to be careful of StrawHat, and that his potential may be even beyond Law's seeing how he awakened in King's haki.
He's going to send Baby 5 and Buffalo as reinforcements.

As bulding B turns into a flaming chaos by that little dragon, Nami, Usopp, and Robin attacks the dragon.
Brook and Kin-emon are arguing which one of the two will take down the dragon, but decides to team up, and finishes off th dragon.
It looks like Kin-emon has some beef with the dragon, although it's not really revealed what.

They locate Chopper, but for some reason he's gone monster mode, and the giant children are fighting him.
Meanwhile, one of the girls ask a CC henchman what happened to Momonosuke.

Apparently while back, Momonosuke went into the forbidden "Secret Room", and turneed into a small dragon...!!

Break next week, back in Jump 45


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