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Source: apforums
Credits: Aohige_AP
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt

Titel: Icy woman (Ice-like woman)

cover story: Coribou comes to fight G-5 to rescue his bro

The grunt claims Momonosuke is kept somewhere safe, just not here.
The girl was worried because he wasn't eating anything, but the grunt tells her he's fine, and he's eating well.
Then tells the girl not to tell anyone about the "Secret Room"

Monet creates TEN layers of Kamakura on top of each other, trapping Luffy inside.
Luffy says she's just wasting his time, he'd never lose to someone like her.
She hugs Luffy, attempting to put him to sleep with coldness.

Luffy does a Gomu Gomu Jet Spear, and pierces through the FLOOR instead, and falls in the hole, getting away from Monet's grasp.
He falls into the trash room far in the underground. Monet says unless he can fly, he'll never get out of there.

Monster Chopper is fighting off the kids from getting to the biscuit room, to prevent them from eating more candies.
He is helpless against the childrens' attacks, becuase he cannot fight back. Rumble Ball wears off, and the kids rush to the biscuit room.
As Chopper feels helpless to stop them, Nami, Usopp, Kinemon, Robin, Zoro, and Brook arrives.

Robin uses her Gigantesco Mano to stop the kids.
Chopper warns Nami that a girl named Mocha is protecting the candies from kids in the biscuit room, they have to go help her right away.
Mocha tries

Meanwhile, in SAD production room...
Law creates ROOM, and teleports his heart to himself.
But as he catches his heart, Vergo closes in fast, and kicks Law to the edge of the room, retrieving the heart back.
He then squeezes Law heart, sending him in excruciating pain.
Vergo proceeds to beat the tar out of Law, making his hat fall off the room. (LAW'S HAIR REVEALED WOOT!)

Law attempts to retaliate with "Counter Shock", sending massive impulse of electricity to Vergo, frying him.
Vergo spews blood, but tells Law "I have a message from Joker... He is dissapointed with you!!!"

Law said he had plans to retrieve his heart from Ceaser, but Vergo's arrival was unexpected.
Vergo tells him again to address him as "Mr", then squeezes Law's heart, bringing Law down.
The fight look decided, but Smoker appears in the room. It's time to take out the trash... PIRATE Vergo, that is!

Vergo: I was going to silence you anyways...
Smoker: You better do it quick, I'm getting tired of looking at this trash called "Pirate" Vergo.


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