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Halloween Colorspread!
Pumpkins & Ghosts everywhere (same ones Perona uses) and everyone wearing costumes and pumpkins.

Chapter 685: Momonosuke, is mine name!
(in old samurai styled speech)

Underground of Building C - Trashbin

Luffy kinda sorta remembers the name Momonosuke (as usual lol), but he's more distracted by hunger, salivating at poor Momo.
Momo's starving as well, he hasn't had food in 10 days. Momo's speech is that of high nobility.

He secretly boarded the ship full of sick children, but like his dad, stubbornly refused to be helped by anyone.
This kept him off the candies and snacks though.
Hungry, he wandered off into th Secret Room, and saw a Devil Fruit. He broke the container and ate it.
He befriends the little girl who came looking for him, but they are found by CC's men.
Momonosuke turns into a small dragon! Confused, Momonosuke runs away.

According to the CC henchmen, the fruit he ate was a failed experiment example of an artificial Devil Fruit Vegapunk made!

Momonosuke explains his situation to Luffy.
Luffy: Oh, you ate a Devil Fruit? What is it, EEL FRUIT or something? Then why not just turn back into human?
Momonosuke: What...? I can return back to my former self? How?
Luffy: No idea, I'm not a Zoan myself.

Momonosuke overheard Ceaser's evi plan, he wants to get out and warn the children.
The gigantism experiment he was performing on the kids was on how much drugs the subjects can take before dying.
He smiles and guesses the children probably have about five more years to live, and he needs to go get more.
Luffy hears this from Momo, and looks quite pissed off, staring at the ceiling and uttering Ceaser's name.

Luffy says he'll climb out of here, and Momo to hang on to him.
He assures that his crew are taking care of the kids, but they gotta get out of there.
Momo is too hungry to move.... but then he hears a voice.
Voice: Hey! Hang in there!
Image of Doflamingo: C'mon, Pull it together!

For unknown reason, Momo sees hallucination of Doflamingo telling him to snap out of it.
Momo is scared, and panics, and starts flying out of the place!
Luffy hangs on to Momo, as Momo soars up.

Well hot damn, there goes Ceaser. He pissed off Luffy. Dude is totally doomed now.
And wtf, DOFLAMINGO? Why? Mystery thickens...

Nami, Chopper, Robin, and Zoro stays behind, while Usopp, Brook, Kinemon goes off to find Momonosuke.

In SAD room...
A sigle pane of Smoker whopping Vergo's ass.
Smoker is seen beating own Vergo with haki again.

In building B, as Shinokuni nearly reaches more marines, Sanji stays behind them to kick them all ahead.

In building B, the Biscuit Room, Nami is holding onto Chopper due to sheer coldness of Monet's powers.
Monet apparently has the power of Snow-Snow fruit.

As Robin attemps to hold the crazed kids down from attacking Mocha, Monet flies behind him and stabs her with her rapier.
Zoro: She's a Logia, I'll handle her! You guys go hold down the kids!

Zoro vs "Snow Woman" (Yukionna) Monet

20 minutes left until Building B is completely filled with Shinokuni!


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