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Source: 2ch
Credits: T
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Source: apforums
Credits: Redon
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt

Complete Summary:

first part

Chapter 692: Assassins from Dressrosa

As CC wimpers and tells Luffy he's willing to make him his subordinate, Luffy hits him with G3 CoA bazooka called "Grizzly Cannon".

The whole thing is broadcasted to the dealers of the New World, everyone saw CC's defeat at the hands of the Straw Hat.
Tamago and Pekoms also calls Big Mam to report the incident.
A horned shadowy figure tells his man to "let Jack know about this", to which the subordinate says "Are you serious!? Oh this is gonna be bad...!"
Meanwhile silk-hat wearing figure (that looks like Lucci) guesses it's the "Alliance" deed, and to broadcast to the whole world.
He says this is no longer just a problem of the underground.
Killer watches it in silence....

second part

Chopper tells Mocha to hang tight as they make their way into building R, which Usopp will seal off.
Brook comes running carrying Kinemon, who got turned into ponpei-white, crying that Kinemon has died from the gas.
Short flashback to how Kinemon learned about the little dragon from a child. (The same girl who witnessed Momo turning into dragon)

Meanwhile, Usopp took out all the fodders who were in the 2nd floor of the monitor room.

Nami's group meets up with Luffy.
Law & Smoker brings a trolley used to carry SAD, so they can escape.

Almost everyone's gathered in building R now.
Law is pissed that Luffy blew away CC instead of capturing him, even saying he shouldn't have trusted him.
He tells him to come with him and go after CC.

last part

Going back a a bit in time....
Above the ocean near PH is a plane carrying Baby 5 an Buffalo

Baby 5 swears she'll kill Joker when she gets back from this mission.
Apparently her fiance was killed by Joker along with the entire city he was in.

Baby 5 - Doquixote Pirates - Maid and Assassin - user of Buki-Buki (Weapon-Weapon) fruit.

It's the eighth time Joker has done this to her. Every time she falls in love with someone, Joker destroys the man and the entire city.

The plane she's standing on is actually Buffalo!
Buffalo tells her Doflamingo loves her like a sister, and that's why he goes after the men that approaches her.
Buffalo is a Cheshire Cat looking man, who's spinning around to float. like a helicopter
Donquixote Pirates - fighter - Buffalo - Guru Guru (Spin Spin) fruit user

Baby 5 says what's wrong with falling in love with someone who needs her. (flashback shows a preverted ugly man asking her to marry him)
Apparently Baby 5' quirk is she can't say no to anyone who shows affection.
To prove his point, Buffalo asks her for money, and she agrees to let him have some lol.

They got to PH, but it's covered in gas.
Buffalo spins around widly, creating a massive gust of wind, that blows away Shinokuni off portion of the island.
That's when they see Caesar flying into the SAD tanke, knocked unconcious and beaten.

Hearing this reporet, Doflamingo's smile returns to his face.
Doflamingo orders the two to retrieve Caeser and return to him immediately.


Short Summary:

- Jump cover with Mugiwara and Aokiji drinking milk and Ain (from Film Z) using her powers on Chopper, Robin and Nami.
- Color Spread with Mugiwara crew in a clockmaker's.
- Luffy beats Caesar.
- Brokers appear again talking about Luffy vs Caesar (they see all the figth).
- All people are in R Floor.
- Buffalo 5 arrives to Punk Hazard with a new Doflamingo´s crew member.
- Franky is see them in Franky Shougun.
- In Color Spread we see Franky Shougun colored (it´s different from Volume 64 cover).
- Kinemon is affected for Shinokuni.
- Smoker and Law get the SAD.
- Buffalo uses his hair and his feet like propeller.
- Someone send Caesar´s body to Law ship.


One Piece Manga 692 Spoiler  5o3eeekm folgt mehr (:


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