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Source: 2ch
Credits: T
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt


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Source: apforums
Credits: Redon/Ahoige_AP
Confirmation: Confirmed! / Bestätigt

Short Summary

- In the cover Caribou is outside the house with the old lady, he has a lunch box with meat pie and the old lady points out the sea road.
- Franky figths with Buffalo and Baby 5.
- Franky beats them easily with the robot (I think he uses a new atack with Franky Shougun).
- Buffalo and Baby 5 try to escape.
- Luffy, Law and the others arrive.
- Law try to catch Buffalo and Baby 5 but Luffy says his crew do.
- Nami and Usopp combine attacks and catch them (Nami creates a "egg" with storm clouds, Usopp uses black Kabuto plant that eats stones and spit out to Buffalo and Baby 5).
- Finally they catch Buffalo, Baby 5 and Caesar.
- In last page a new character appears in the sea, we couldn´t see him and I think he isn´t Doflamingo.

Complete Summary

Chapter 695: Leave it up to me!
coverstory: the kind old lady gave Caribou directions to the port, and even gave him meatpie for lunch.

Buffalo is baffled that none of their attacks are having any effect on the iron giant.
Franky General tells them to stay away from his cola (lol)

Buffalo spins around, weilding Baby 5 as a scythe. He claims no one has ever successfully blocked this combo attack
Baby 5 "Sickle Girl" stabs right through General Franky's left arm.

Franky commends them for impaling the armor, but claims it's still nothing but a little mantis trying to fight a battleship.
He says he'll show them the might of the pirate ship Thousand Sunny and its power to rule the sea one day.
He puts his arms together and does a mobile version of the Gaon Cannon from his arms!

Massive blast completely blows away Buffalo (spewing blood) and Baby 5.


As the duo gets blown into side of a mountain (now with gaping hole from the Gaon cannon), Franky notices Ceaser on the deck.
Buffalo gets back up, claiming they can't afford to lose here... in the name of Joker, they have to retrieve Ceaser.
At this point Franky finally realizes they're after Ceaser.

The Trolley with the Straw Hats blasts through to Franky's location.
Luffy goes all sparkly eyes at the sight of General Franky.
The children and the G5 marines also notice the giant robot, and have the same reaction.
(meanwhile Nami, Robin, Tashigi, and girls have no reaction lol)

Law recognizes Buffalo and Baby 5
The duo asks if Law is really betraying Joker. Joker is still has the seat of Heart (most likely reserved for Law)
(The Japanese structure lets you cut off without the verb, making what Joker is planning to do with the seat secret.
Sentence wise it's natural to assume he's reserving the seat for Law, but he could be "trying to get it", etc
No idea what until what "seat of Heart" is revealed)

Luffy asks Law if they are his freinds, to which Law replies "No. They are my enemies"
(Sanji is blushing at the sight of Baby 5, of course)

Buffalo and Baby 5 snatches Ceaser and make a run for it.
They're no match for the entire crew!
However, this is the time for Usopp to shine! He says shooting down a flying enemy is a sniper's duty.

Law is flustered, and starts to creat room, but Luffy stops him. Leave it up to Usopp.
Zoro also acknowledges to not underestimate their sniper.
Law argues that he can't risk letting them go, or the entire plan will fail.
Nami tells him since they've entered an alliance, he should trust them more.
She's about to help Usopp in the attack.

Usopp and Nami says a fleeing enemy not intending to fight back doesn't scare them! (LOL)
The Grow-up Bakun-flower on Usopp's kabuto eats away the tanker.

Baby 5 notices them, and warns Buffalo to watch out.
Bufflo says he'll do the flying, so she needs to back him up on the behind.

Nami tosses a "Weather Egg" at the duo, which spawns a massive cloud of thunder.
Nami manupilates the lightning falling from the cloud and blasts the due with Thunder Blizzard Tempo.
Baby 5 is taken out by the lightning, and but Buffalo is still concious.
Usopps snipes Buffalo with barrage of debris the Bakun-flower spits out at him.
Ceaser demands Bufflo to protect him, which Buffalo does.. but is taken out by the barrage of debris.
The debris do not work on Caesar as he is gas... but Usopp's last ammo is the Seastone cuffs!
The cuffs wrap around Ceaser, rendering him useless.

All three of them are knowcked ou, unconcious and falls to the sea.
Luffy is proud of his mates.

Meanwhile, a mysterious figure wakes up on an tiny island (a bird?) in the sea.
He says he's overslept, and wondering which way Punk Hazzard is....

(The figure is completely in shilouette, cannot make out who it is)

End of chapter


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