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redon schrieb:

- In the cover the old lady appears and attacks the guys from last week.
- Little flashback continues but I don´t understand (Aohige will help us).
- Party ends, Marine and the children say goodbye to Luffy and the other.
- Children don´t want separete from Mugiwara crew but Marine force them (all cry).
- Doflamingo continues his trip but he finds something in the sea.
- It´s a boat with Baby 5 and Buffalo heads (they are alive, Law uses his powers), a Den Den Mushi with Law´s appearance and a bomb.
- Law and Doflamingo talk (Aohige will translate later the conversation), chapter ends with a very angry Doflamingo.

Aohige schrieb:

Chapter 697: Deal
coverstory, the old lady throws rocks at the soldiers, chasing them away

Continuation of the flashback from last week.
Law tells Luffy although they share the same interesting, to claim he'll take on all of the Four Emeprors is underestimating them.
They are Emperors that competed with Whitebeard for piece of this ocean, and the Kaidou of Hundred Beast is known as the "strongest creature in this world".
Nami in Franky body: What!? He's not even a human!?
Law says the rate of success in their plan to take down Kaidou is approximately 30%.
But Luffy agrees regardless

Back to the party
Law tells Smoker there's no deep meaning behind letting him live.
He plans to head to "Green Bit", but he can't be sure he can manage the Straw Hats.

Due to Nami and Chopper's plea, Luffy has the kids board the tanker and G-5 Marines will take them with them.
Little drama with G-5 as they draw the line again to separate them from kids, barricading at the line to keep the kids from saying farewell.
They scream about pirates being evil, and marines are the justice, but all just to convince themselves and not admit they actually like the Straw Hats
The kids say they'll be a pirate when they grow up lol.

Doflamingo is still running in the air, saying the brats are lucky... the "road of sky" was ended short unexpectedly.
He finds a yacht with the heads of Buffalo and Baby 5. Heads are severed by they are alive, due to Law's ability.
They apologize to the boss how they failed the mission.

He tells them not to worry, it wasn't their fault... they were just following his orders.
The den-den mushi Law left there speaks out to Dofla. I'm surprised to see the boss-man show up himself!
If you're looking for Caesar, he's with me. Dofla demands the body of his crewmates back, but Law offers to strike a deal with Dofla.

Law notes Dofla's most important client is Kaidou, even Dofla couldn't afford to piss off that man.
If he learns that you can't create SMILE anymore, he will kill you.
Dofla tells him to stop fooling around, what do you want for Caesar.

Law tells him to quit the Shichibukai.
Throw away the position that took you a decade to build, and return back to piracy.
Of course, doing so will put you at the wrath of the Admirals. Time limit is tomorrow's morning newspaper.
If he doesn't see the news of you leaving the Shichibukai, this deal is off.

Doflamingo is clearly upset, and also sweating in worry...!



One Piece Manga 697 Spoiler Ui6yjnzu

Shamisaly schrieb:
ein Igel ohne Smileys ist wie ein Igel ohne stacheln

Wenn Igel niesen:


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