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ahoige schrieb:

Although Aokiji warns him to stop, Dofla doesn't listen and tries to finish off Smoker.
Dofla is frozen. But he's not frozen to the core, he breaks out of the ice by himself.

Dofla leaves saying he has no intention to fight Aokiji.
He asks "But tell me one thing... what exactly are you, Kuzan? I don't hear very good things about you."
Dofla: The face of an ordinary wanderer isn't the same as the face of someone determined.

The marines tend to Smoker
Aokiji: From the start I've never believed the World Government is all there is.
There are things I can accomplish without being in the marine. There are things I can see by not being affliated with anyone.
Smoker thinks Aokiji has some connections with the underground and that's how he knew this place.

Aokiji: Hey, Smoker, you know I'm still just me.
Smoker: If that's so... then fine.
Aokiji came here riding a giant PENGUIN (LOOOOOOLLL)

Dofla is the current KING of Dressrosa.
Aokiji is going to inform Sakazuki of what took place, so the marines will move their forces.
This will be the biggest case the New Marine has ever dealt with (as in, after the change the marines went through two years ago)

Meanwhile, on the seas
Usopp and others are wary there will be search parties after them, and had Kin-emon summon samurai armor for them. LOL
Zoro and Kin-emon have a fight. Kin-emon notices Zoro's Shuusui,and thought he robbed a grave for it.
Meanwhile Momo is taking shower with Robin. Robin is looking sexxyy
Brook, Sanji, and Kin-emon are jealous. Naturally.
Momo is quite a clever scheming child, he puts on a proud face as he is treated by Nami and Robin.

Next morning... the newspaper reports Dofla leaving the Shichibukai, as well as retiring from the throne at Dressrosa.
Law & Luffy alliance, and Appoo/Kid/Hawkins alliance are shown on the newspaper as well.

Dressrosa falls in chaos.
Doflamingo recieves another call from Law....

End of chapter


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