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aohige schrieb:

Coverstory: Revolutionaries on the island are holding a flag of "son of the revolutionary" Gaburu... which looks like Che Guevara and Coribou. LOOOOOL

The blind swordsman walks over to the restaurant owner to pay for the damages he caused.
The owner seems to realize who the man is, and says "You wouldn't be....!!!"

Luffy is impressed at how strong the man is, and asks who he is.
But he simply replies " seems it's in better interest for both of us if I keep that silent."
As Sanji and Zoro assess how strong the man is, people in the store realizes their belongings are missing.
Zoro's Shuusui is missing too!!
According to a toy, it's the work of the fairies.

Zoro senses the thief leaving the building, and looks away to see the thief's bag is stuck due to his Shuusui.
As the thief runs away, Zoro, Sanji, and Kin chase him.
Luffy tries to follow, but Franky.. who happens to be the only cool headed bro in this team... has a better idea.
He captures one of the thugs who was swindling the blind man, and along with Luffy interrogates him for the location of the SMILE factory.

The thug doesn't know anything... he's never even heard of SMILE.
However, he says the Donquixote Family's officers are gathered at the Colosseum today.
There's a special event today, with an amazing prize...!

Meanwhile at the Colosseum, people from all over Dressrosa are gathered for the event.
Kids want to enter, but are chased away by a toy soldier saying people killing each other is no sight for a child, begone!
The announcer tells the crowd about the Son of the pirate king, and his fruit Mera Mera fruit.. which happens to be the prize of today's tournament!
Powerful warriors from all around the New World are gathered here to take the prize home, but the Family isn't going to give this one up easily!
From DonQuiote Family, the entrees are...

Senior Pink - A fat dude with sunglasses, baby pacifier, and a hot babe on the side
Dellinger - Young man wearing a horned cap
Lao G - The old man we saw earlier
MachVise - The fat man we saw earlier

And finally, The hero of Colosseum, Mr Diamante.

Among the crowd watching the tournament, we see the blind man again...

Meanwhile Luffy learns about the prize being Mera Mera fruit from the thug....!

End of chapter


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