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redon schrieb:

- In the cover, Iron Boy Scotch from Kaido´s pirates (the guy Drake met 2 years before), attacks members of the revolution.
- All chapter about Luffy, he meets a lot a new characters, all figthers (Aohige can tell you the names sorry).
- We have warriors, a cool guy and a woman.
- At the end of the chapter Jesus Burgess appears in Corrida Colosseum, he´s defeated all his opponents.
aohige schrieb:

Lucy and the Statue of Kyros
Coverart: That cyborg-ish guy from Kaido's crew is wrecking shit up on the revolutionaries on the island, Caribou watches terrified.

The Spartan guy Luffy took out was one of the star of the Colosseum, the other fights can't believe their eyes.
A guard tries to tell Luffy to leave the place since he caused a fight before the games began, but a trio of warriors come in Luffy's defense.
The Chinjao brothers (Chinjao as in the Chinese dish, Chinjao Rosu 青椒肉絲)
Don Chinjao, Xai, and Buu.

Xai is insane, he's so easily agitated, he almost snapped at Luffy for thanking him lol.
Meanwhile, Two other groups of fighters are arguing.
The King of Prodence, Elizabero the 2nd and his Strategist Dagama enters the tournament wanting the Mera Mera fruit as a weapon for their army.
Asassin duo The Funk Brothers from the neighboring country is telling them collaborating with other fighters to win is not fair.

Tons of other fighters
Class-A criminal from the Sea of Dias, The Slayman
Former bounty hunter and mastermind behind blowing up a government facility, Abudhulla and Jet
An "Adventurer of false massacres" Oorombus(?) The Ruler
Bellamy the Hyena, now over 100million bounty and admissions from the DonQuioxte family
And not present at the moment, but few others are entering the tournament including "Young Pirate Nobility" Cavendish and the crazed rookie from year ago Balto Romeo.

The first round is a Battle Royal. 550 people will compete, and only 4 will win.
They are separated in blocks. A block Battle is about to start... Luffy is block C

They take him to the armory, Luffy is excited and wears a full set of armors, helmet, sword, and shield.
Along with his beard, he looks like an old Gladiator, pretty awesome.

He comes across women falling from being smitten.... by the beauty of Cabendish, the White Horse.
He is a completely bishounen, sparkles and all. Bounty of 280 million.
He came this far without any Devil Fruit, and feels the Mera Mera is perfect for him. Very narcissistic.
He asks Luffy who he is, and Luffy accidentally answers Luffy. LOL.

Luffy corrects himself and answers Lucy.
Caben says if he really was Straw Hat Luffy, he would have to kill him right now.
He was a rookie 3 years ago when he entered the New World, and his beauty was the hot topic of the world.
But two years ago, Luffy and the other Supernovas took the world by storm, and became the hot topic.
He is jealous of their fame, and wants to destroy them all.
Luffy has no interest in his story and walks off LOL.

Luffy comes across the Statue of Kyros.
Kyros was a legendary gladiator who won 3000 battles, only took one sword slash, and was around 20 years ago.
.... Says a beautiful, scantly clad gladiator girl named Rebecca.
But the strange thing is... he is considered the greatest gladiator ever, yet no one on this island has ever seen or heard of him.
Only thing they know of Kyros comes from the plate on the statue, no one knows if he was even real.
Luffy likes the statue, and so does Rebecca.
She says she's here to take the Mera Mera no Mi, so she can finally defeat Doflamingo.
She has determination in her expression, obviously a history behind her and the flamingo man...

Meanwhile, a mysterious masked man calling himself Mr. Store defeated all other gladiators in Block A.
He takes his mask off in the Colosseum and reveal his true identity.... Black Beard Pirates Division 1 Captain, Jesus Burgess!!

Luffy recognizes him. "It's that Champion dude!"

Oh, btw, the "Fuck You" comment was from Xai, the elder brother of the Chinjao family


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