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Redon schrieb:

- Bartolomeo has 150 million Berry bounty. His face is likes a beast.
- Bartolomeo is most hated pirate rank 1.
- Bellamy has 195 million Berry bounty. Seems that he attacked Skypiea people and took a golden pillar back for Doflamingo.
- Bellamy knows the old man is Luffy.
- Bellamy's goal is not Mera Mera no Mi, he just want to win the title and get on Dolfa's ship.
- Bellamy and Bartolomeo are B block.
- At the end of the chapter B block is starting to fight.

Aohige schrieb:

Chapter 706: I won't laugh at you

Bartolomeo - 150million berry
Face looks like a beast
voted number 1 in the "Pirate who is wished to be gone".
(I guess he's not very popular lol)

Bellamy - 195million berry

Bellamy knew about Luffy, and he went to a Sky Island and got a pillar of gold from there to give to Doflamingo.
His motive isn't the Mera Mera fruit, he simply wants to be on Dofla's ship as a crew.
Bartolomeo and Bellamy are both in block B

The battle royal for block B starts

End of chapter

Aohige schrieb:

Chapter 706: I won't laugh at you
cover: Caribou goes back to the burning hosue of the grandma, and find her and a single photograph..

Bartolomeo is known for cruelty.
An image of pirates impaled and roasted are shown, as well as him firing cannons at civilians..
The crowd boos at him, and he throws something at them. They run thinking it's a bomb, but it's actually a fart bomb.

Block B is Bellamy and Bartolomeo
Bellamy brought the golden pillar from the Sky Island to presnet to Dofla, and swear allegeance.
He then proceeded to wage battles on near by nations that mock Dressrosa as barbaric nation of pirates.
He wrecked many cities in other nations, earning his infamy.

Bellamy notices Luffy, and approach him.
He tells Luffy that lost his crew, but he went to Sky Islands.
Luffy warns him you didn't hurt anyone up there did you? To which Bellamy just laughs.

Bellamy tells him that Doflamingo won't laugh at Luffy anymore.
He tells him he's going to be on Dofla's ship, then heads to the battle.
Apparently he was promised crew officer position if he wins this tournament.

Then two pages showing promising candidates for Block C and D.
Rebecca and Cavendish are both Block D.

Block B starts, the Chinese looking men join forces with others to take out especially troublesome targets... Bellamy is their first target.
Bartolomeo doesn't agree with their methods, he says that goes agaisnt the whole point of a Battle Royal.

redon schrieb:

C Block (139 fighters)

- Sai
- Lucy
- Kelly Funk
- Jean Tango (a guy with a scarf and a mexican hat)
- Boo
- Ideo (a guy with beard, long hair and black eye shadow).
- Fighter Bull (I don´t know if he´s a bull or a guy with a bull skin)
- Don Chinjao
- Hajrudin (the pirate that Maynard named in chapter 705)
- Bobby Funk

D Block (138 fighters)

- Mummy (an ugly guy with bandages on his face)
- Orlumbus
- Cavendish
- Meadows (a fat guy with moustache and a leopard skin (or something like that) on his head)
- Fighting Lion (the same as C Block with the bull, but this time is a lion)
- Rebecca
- Damask (a guy with a gas mask)
- Rolling Logan (a guy with a big mouth and long hair)
- Aghia (I don´t know if is a man or a woman but has a strange helmet)
- Suleiman

B Block (138 fighters)

- Elizabelio II
- Blue Gili (a strange guy)
- Tank Lepanto (a big guy)
- Abdullah
- Bartolomeo
- Ricky (a guy with a gladiator helmet that covers all his face)
- Bellamy
- Dagama
- Hiack (an old man with spots on his face and pointed ears)
- Jeet


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