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redon schrieb:

- Chapter 713: "Usoland".
- A marine told Fujitora the guy with Law was Caesar Clown.
- Fujitora said that Caesar Clown can be remitted if he is the subordinate of the Shichibukai.
- Dolfamingo said that Fujitora joined the Marines through worldwide conscription and be considered as powerful guy, the same as Green Bull.
- Then Fujitora told Law that he is "black" if he allied with Strawhat or "white" if Strawhat is just his subordinate.
- "We are allied!" Law answered.
"Now I revoke your title." Fujitora said and then released ability.
- Meteorite fall from the skys. Law and Dolfamingo shocked. Then they used their own ability to cut and block.
- In Dressrosa Sanji called Franky and surprised at Lucy. Violet told Sanji the factory is located in the "Toy House".
- Back to Tontatta Kingdom. Usopp claimed his name is Usoland. Then Usopp and Robin found that there was a statue of Montblanc Noland.
- Leo told them Noland is their legendary hero.
- "Now we have legendary hero Usoland."
"Please lead us to annihilate Donquixote Family." Dwarves said.
"Uh?" Usopp smiled but there was sweat and snot on his face.

kaze108 schrieb:

One Piece Manga 713 Spoiler RtQvMZR

One Piece Manga 713 Spoiler KtR9GUT


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