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BeitragThema: One Piece Manga 738: Spoiler   One Piece Manga 738: Spoiler EmptyMi 19 Feb - 8:05

redon schrieb:

- 500 kidnaped dwarfs are fooled by Donquixote Family, they are working hard on planting artificial Akuma no Mi.
- They think Tontatta Princess is sick on another place and she needs these fruits to cure.
- Sugar transforms half of dwarfs into toys, they fight with the other dwarfs.
- Trébol uses his power, raises a ship and throws it to the tower.

aohige schrieb:

Chapter 738 Trebol Army Special Officer Sugar
Cover Page: Franky and mice living in a dollhouse

As Leo looks for a chance to rush in with the Tatababasco, Trebol notices a fly flying by.
He uses his sticky goo like a bullet and instantly kills the fly, and punching it through the walls to outside.

The Tontattas are worried about Leo, but he claims even if he can catch a fly, he won't catch me.
He goes rushing in for Sugar, but Robin stops him. "Wait, Leo!!"

Meanwhile in the factory...
500 Tontattas are working like slaves, in the SMILE plant.
It's a greenhouse with Elegant Sunflower as sun light, and river of SAD flows from a SAD tank.
The Tontattas are used as labor because they are able to grow any plant in the world.
The Family goons abuse them as slaves. The Tontattas were fed rotten food and is in no shape to work, but the man asks them whether they want to save their princess or not.
They told them the Princess is ill, and only the SMILE can save her. They demand to see their princess,
but the man tells them he would not want to see them contaminated with the disease, and sheds a fake tear.
The Tontattas fall for it easily.

Robin stopped Leo because she saw the fly with her clone head.
Trebol shot the fly right between the eyes. His reflex is incredible, Leo would have been killed.
Usopp asks Robin what plan she has...

At a Pirate ship near by, the Bee Tontatta uses her powers and attacks the dock with army of Wasps.
Robin, dressed as a Donquxiote family member reports to Trebol that a pirate is attacking the docks, demanding a fair deal on the price. She leads Trebol out of the tower and to the dock.

The Tontattas plan to rush Sugar, but Usopp is not coming.
He plans to stay behind, and tells them he has their back.
The Tontattas surround Sugar and demand the release of their people, and even honestly tells her they plan to knock her out.
Sugar asks he is behind this uprising, as Tontattas are too stupid to realize they are being decieved.
She casts away her fruit basket, and is disgusted that they think she is weak.

Bunch of Tontattas rush her, but she quickly counters by moving her hands rapidly, touching every single Tontattas that attacked her. She turns them all into toys. She's incredibly fast.
This is a contract. You must obey me until death. Go forth and kill everyone inside this tower!

Sugar picks up the nearby receiver and warns Trebol of the trap.

Trebol had already reached the pirate ship, and attacks them.
The pirates don't fight back, and explain to him that they were attacked by wasps, and they have no qualms with the price.
Trebol realizes he has been deceived, and rushes back to fleeing Robin.

With incredible speed he catches up and jumps on top of Robin, but the Robin clone disappears without a trace.
He recognizes her face, and realizes that Straw Hats are down here and after Sugar.

Enraged, Trebol picks up the pirate ship and hurls it at the tower, destroying it.




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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga 738: Spoiler   One Piece Manga 738: Spoiler EmptyMi 19 Feb - 8:57

Wow. Oda weiß wieder einmal zu überraschen. Wer hätte mit so einer Entwicklung gerechnet.
Trebol und Sugar sind viel stärker bzw schneller als ich gedacht habe.
Super Plan von Robin. Hart das Sugar einige von den Zwergen in Spiezeuge verwandelt und die dann gegen die restlichen Zwerge kämpfen.
Ich könnte mir gut vorstellen, dass Trebol einen Fehler damit gemacht hat, das Schiff auf den Turm zu werfen. So ist es doch möglich das Sugar ausgenockt wird. Das wäre aber total One Piece typisch Smile
Ich bin mega auf das Kapitel gespannt. Die Spoiler verprechen ein echt aufregendes Kapitel. Diesmal anscheinend auch nur ein Handlungsort.


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