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BeitragThema: One Piece Manga Spoiler: 747   One Piece Manga Spoiler: 747 EmptyMi 14 Mai - 7:38

redon schrieb:
- Tittle: Executive Officer Pica.
- Pica talks for the first time, his voice is childlike.
- Someone laughs at Pica´s voice, Baby 5 kills him.
- Doflamingo says officers are all his family, ​he can't stand people laugh at his family.​
- Pica appears in the shape of a gigantic golem in the city.

aohige schrieb:

Chapter 747 Executive Officer Pica
teddy bears snuggling up to Mihawk, and Perona is watching jealously.

The pirates, soldier, and other people who reverted back from toys gush out of the coliseum.
Among them is VA Maynard, who is being scolded by VA Bastille for going undercover on his own.
He apologizes to Bastille, and reports what he witnessed. Doflamingo's influence is wide spread, if we arrest Doflamingo, the world balance may tip a little.

Meanwhile Koala infiltrates the underground docks, and finds out some of the pirate ships are disguised merchant ships from other countries, here to do blackmarket trades.

Maynard asks why Fujitora isn't arresting Doflamingo right away. He will no longer be able to stay a shichibukai, we have no reason not to go after him. But Isshou tells him to listen to the cries of the people in this nation. They are not sad, they are enraged. The World Government are not gods, and you will follow my orders.

Trebol asks Dofla why they don't need to protect the factory.
Dofla tells him it's protected by seastones, and the keys are here.
He shows the keys, then splits them into pieces, making it impossible to reach the factory.

Trebol and Diamante makes excuses for their failure.
Lao G demands them to stop making pathetic excuses, but Dofla pardons the two.
Diamante asks Dofla what they should do about Fujitora, and Dofla tells them he has made a deal with Fujitora, he will not interfere.
But after this is all said and done, they'll kill Fujitora. It won't be easy, but we can't allow him to live.

Pica says if both Pirates and Marines are fair game, I can deal with them alone.
(apparently Pica's voice is very high pitched, and fodders try not to laugh)
Dofla says to leave them be, he has given the people of this country a choice. To choose who is the rightful king, Riku or Donquioxte.
Pica insists he go after them, but one of the fodder bursts out laughing.

Pica attempts to bury the insolent man in stone, but Baby 5 shoots the man first.
She tells Pica if he kills him there would be no body left for the man's family.
The fodder man who was shot was tossed out of the castle, and falls to the ground

Dofla says he lost his mother at age of 8. And at 10, he killed his own father.
Officers of the Donquixote family are his real family. They are all he has.
He will not forgive ANYONE who laughs at his family.

Vice, Pink, and Dellinger are looking for Franky.
Franky used the extra cola he had stashed for destroying the factory to refill himself and get away.
He spots the factory (risen above the ground now) and decides to shoot it with lasers.

A big rubber ball falls near Mach Vice and Pink. It's Luffy with Law and Zoro
The three finds themselves surrounded by the officers and marines.
Luffy realizes he fell to the worst place possible, and Law tells Luffy when he's free he'll kill him. lol
But Zoro says no matter where they fall it's bad, the whole nation is filled with enemies now.

Pink swims to Luffy and grabs his legs, while Vice jumps in the air and presses down with "10t Vice".
Dellinger tries to kick Luffy's face with "Pistol High heel", but Zoro kicks him into Vice, making Dellinger's kick land on Vice's ass.

As citizens and marines tries to shoot Luffy and others, Luffy prepares to use the King's haki to knock them all down.
But Fujitora steps in to stop them both.

Usopp and others are still fleeing, Robin guides them to reach the high ground to meet up with the rest, while Bart uses the barrier to stop the incoming horde. Sabo split from them, going about on his own.

As Fujitora and Zoro clash swords again, citizens are running from something huge.
It's Pica... he merged with the whole town, becoming a MASSIVE giant.... (bigger than Oars, smaller or rivaling San Juan Wolf)
He declares to fight anyone opposing the family, but Luffy immediately bursts out laughing at his voice.
Pica snaps at the Straw Hat's insolence.

End of chapter


One Piece Manga Spoiler: 747 Ui6yjnzu

Shamisaly schrieb:
ein Igel ohne Smileys ist wie ein Igel ohne stacheln

Wenn Igel niesen:

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Lord C

Lord C

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BeitragThema: Re: One Piece Manga Spoiler: 747   One Piece Manga Spoiler: 747 EmptyMi 14 Mai - 8:05

Diese Cap wird seh Kampflastig werden. Es wird sehr viel Aktion geben. Ich frage mich ob Zorro gegen Fuji anhalten wird. Es steht ja da, dass ihre Schwerter aufeinander prallen. Das heißt Zorros Gegner in diesem Arc wird eventuell Futij sein Very Happy
Dann sehen wir hoffentlich seine Ganze Kraft. Was die Unteroffis von Dofla an geht bei der Fabrik die werden bestimmt auch durch Luffys Königshaki umgehauen.
Ebenfalls stell sich die Frage was Sabo vor hat, wenn er oben ist.

Gruß LC


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